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  1. thank you very for the another link. been waiting to watch it too but the first link was already deleted ^^
  2. thank you so much for the link! the audience response was no joke. proud of KARA. next will be FNS kayousai... cant wait...cant wait...
  3. thank you red4summer! I've been waiting and searching to the new links. just craving to watch the talk
  4. waaah... eventhough KARA is active in Korea right now, there's still a show of them in Japan. Sasuga KARA... thanks red4summer! grab it now^^
  5. Album

    wooow we have same thought about this new album and Step that has the ability to lift up our spirit just like other KARA songs you mentioned above. but my favorite song of the album is step. think that this song is about them stepping up of the almost breaking up case, that they decide to reunite rather than to separate
  6. :eyelove: thank yoooooouuuuu been waiting for this since the day it held. KARA sugoi jyan... hope the day they hold concert at Tokyo Dome will coming soon KARA JJANG!!
  7. waaaaa, I'm too excited that this thread is exist! :eyelove: so craving to watch KARA in star golden bell. thank you so much for sharing
  8. it's Nicole. yeah! the kuishinbou/shiksin of KARA is definitely Nicole. and it's again proved by the recent episode of Shabekuri which KARA appeared. she said on the program that she will go to bed early just to have big breakfast the next morning
  9. I have my own slogan for KARA. since they'd debuted in Japan, I'd like to say "KARAFURU na KARA". "karafuru" is Japanese pronounciation for "Colorful". every member has different characters and charms that's why I came to this and like it. as Gekidan Hitori and Teri Ito said, this group has very good balance despite their different character of the members
  10. nikoniko-nikoru.... yes, I voted for Nicole. for me, her smiles is killer because it just bring my tension up. I become cheerful everytime see her smile
  11. Spazz

    love this thread wow, mister really did a good selling on chaku uta. triple platinum is awesome I hope GGS will do well too, at least platinum. it's really nice summer song, imo. sweet melody, sweet summer... that mixi ninki ranking, Hara is really attracted Japanese fans. remember when Kara on Msute june 17th? KARA was own the TT list in Japan with GGS, JCL, Penguin Dance. and the members name who's included was Hara and Seungyeon. Hara is obviously attractive as shown on the latest shabekuri, that she's the most moteru (much-liked) among KARA's members...
  12. hahaha nice done... so, the average lenght for KARA's MV/PV is 3:41... "ima okuritai arigatou" is long, but love the PV very much. sweet Kara, sweet melody... heeheen~
  13. thank you for sharing. it's really nice to see some making clips after watching all the episodes of URAKARA. thank you! thank you!
  14. aah seems so interesting promo clip... but unfortunately it's been set privately, so I cant download it
  15. congrats KARA!! #2 is good enough for the artist who promote the album as Johnny's artist's though actually I hopefully KARA did take the #1 spot anyway, GO GO KARA!
  16. it's hard... so, I choose all!! they're all charming on their own way, imo.
  17. I dreamt about them few days ago. it's like that I was their close friend. we did some stuffs. hanging out, playing, eating together. a wonderful dream yet a bad omen. yeah wonderful since it's KARA all members, bad bcoz I ate something in the dream. if in the dream I had eaten some meal, it means I'll get sick soon. and yeah it's me these 3 days... cold... hyuuu~
  18. at first, it's Hara since I was fallen for her in invincible youth. and then when I realized my self as Kamilia, I love Hara, Hammie, Jing, Cole, and Gyul. oops, that's all members! lol. yeah, but that's true even for Sunghee...
  19. it's great! cant wait to see their performance on Music station. and other shows. oh~ I dont know how much I miss KARA on tv...
  20. KARA saikou!! their achievement in Japan is just awesome. they successfuly attract a Jpop fan like me. yeah, I become loving KARA since their breaking popularity in Japan KARA FIGHTING!!
  21. I havent watched the episode. but from reading you guys comments here and some news abt it, I'm sure I'll enjoy the show very much. since I love the both KARA and 2AM
  22. ah, so it's snowing a lot in Korea. woohoo cant imagine the cold :brrrr: but hope Gyuri can manage to go skiing some time perhaps with other members?
  23. Hara, omedetoo!! you really deserve it. Hara in IY drives me to love KARA. first time watched her on the IY, she become my fave in the show. Hara ga daisuki <3!!
  24. they're funny. lol. reminds me to Hara when she got the award few days ago, she's surprised and crying XD
  25. the album is nice and sweet. that's why Japanese people like it, imo ^^ this morning, suddenly I felt like to hear Love Is... then I just played it. Nice song! Love KARA very much!!