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  1. haven't log in here for many years! btw, i love it when other idols confess their love for Gyuri <3 there was this one nugu idol group - i can't remember the name, but when they were asked about their ideal type, one of the members (the leader i think) chose Park Gyuri as his ideal type.
  2. Name : Hani Kila Country : Malaysia Message : Our dearest Hamtaro, KARA protector, Happy Birthday! Eat lots of delicious foods, enjoy your day and go have fun! Thank you for always working hard for KARA and protecting KARA. Please continue protecting KARA in the future too. Stay strong coz Kamilia always got your back. Wishing you everlasting happiness in your life and may all your wishes come true. We love you, Han Seungyeon jjang!
  3. my first KARA bias ever and still my ultimate bias now -----> Park Gyuri !!! it's love at the first sight...
  4. Glance Attack Interview with English Translation
  5. Youngji really adapting well in KARA. one who doesn't follow KARA may think that she's just a typical normal maknae (cute, shy, adorable) who has been in a group for few years. and i would give props to the unnies too for letting the maknae to shine and helps her out being comfortable in the group. they know how to NOT overshadowing her eventhough Youngji still awkward in front of the cameras. really, KARA is a really a great group. never doubt in KARA bond~
  6. I think that's her bracelet on her right arm fell off, not her earring... you can see more clearly in Gyuri-focus fancam... (start from 2:38 when the bracelet fell off) she keeps looking down to find her bracelet and try to kick it off. (at 2:52 - 2:54) still looking down at the floor to find her bracelet and then look at the camera. lol her expression here is so cute. (at 3:11) she tried to pick up something from her shoes. Professional Gyul
  7. about their positioning... (looking at their previous MV/choreography) even Gyuri who's not the lead/main dancer can be at the center... even Hara who's not the lead/main singer can be at the center... i think KARA is the only group where everyone had an equal chance to be at the center.
  8. HQ pictures of Gyuri @ DMZ Peace Concert (140816) Cr: @yasushi_old Cr: @Gyuleestar