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  1. ah been forever since my last post. i saw KARA first in Super Junior Idol Army, back in 2008. they were the guest n it was hella fun. fell in love immediately with jiyoung, though at that time still had no idea who KARA is. lol i used to have crush on cool girls like emma watson, erika toda, or revy (black lagoon). kinda dislike girls who try to act cute, i find it embarassing. but at that time i didn't think jiyoung was acting cute. she was like that, cute or not. her cuteness isn't what girls usually display, but more like a kid. haha then i found her on sukira with teuk-hyuk and gyuri, and i gave my heart completely to kara.
  2. aoi yu??? wow... *lost words :thumbup: i want to see the full list btw... i wonder if there's any out there....
  3. maybe people tried the butt dance while singing in karaoke. not to mention how many celebrities (both in Japan n Korea) have tried the legendary butt dance
  4. i think they should ask kamilia's opinions too, for some ideas. considering how many comics were made here yes!!! now all kamilia in the world will soon become otaku! kara-dorama, kara-anime, kara-manga pliz!!
  5. another great achievement in japan . . i want to see kara promote their 6th single so badly... :tongue: i hope they will perform in MS or another music program with full energy, n i really....really hope cole & gyuri get well soon. stay strong, cole & gyuri
  6. why rice? why not medicine? i think the poor children, the real poor ones who stay in the lowest class of economy, really need food more than medicine. food first, why, cuz they don't even have money to buy food for their daily meal. i'm fully aware of this matter cuz it happens in my country, where poor children r everywhere, asking money to buy food. i really hope those donations could really reach people who truly need it. kamilia, you're the best. :thumbup:
  7. good news come out everyday since the great-despair era. KARA....i really want to cry in joy with all these good news coming out... no one will be able to stop them anymore, i think, no matter what people would say about their lack in talents or whatever. KARA RULES !
  8. what ? RAINBOW ? why, i wonder . . well, i don't care, better not to care than falling into vague speculation ! *that i start myself
  9. this kind of mistake could make jing's search rank rise higher jing, why are you so cute . . i hope it could be a new "cute-mistake" from Kara n become hotter after this
  10. what i really want to ask just this . . will korean read this article ? i really hope they will. those korean entertainment industries, fandoms, n even just common people there, i hope they read this. i hope someday there is a brave media who brings this issue out. (or already have?)
  11. really ? was it funny ? jing isn't the best well-mannered member in Kara, i suppose . .
  12. Ima Okuritai Arigatou ! so amazingly beautiful. n then, Mister i guess . . japanese fell in love with her particularly in Mister, i think.
  13. the question that still hasn't answered yet . . is it a korean drama or dorama ? if it's a dorama, why are the casts n producer all korean ? i really, really hope it will be a dorama, n cast more japanese actors, becuz of some korean drama-haters that recently appear . . japanese, please don't hate this one :thumbup:
  14. to be honest, GO GO SUMMER is my fav Kara's song so far. STEP is good, but GGS just really suit my music preference i'm so proud that KARA is still together, n even closer than ever, more than this crazy success actually this is just the bonus for me oh yeah, n i want to say to people who ask "WHY kara is more popular than SNSD n 2NE1 in Japan", ...... just try to accept this fact.
  15. in my perspective, jing really is the cutest girl out there, in idol world. i mean, her cuteness n aegyo side r so famous since her debut i have a confidence in jing...yeah, i think she can win this one.