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  1. i love them for their bluntness they kind of just say what's obvious i love that kind of humor it sucks that people sees it as 'attitude' -__- the bitchier, the better LOL
  2. i think i first saw her on mbc's come to play the one with snsd and kara as guests that was one of the most entertaining shows i've watched i loved all of gyuri's answer especially when she was like, "oh there is one thing i don't like" and then she goes "oh never mind" HAHAHAHAHA i love how blunt she is.. it makes her funnier.. even though some people hate that =/
  3. holy crap, she looks hot as a boy LOL she did remind me of G.O. her disguise is pretty good though i really wasn't digging facial hair on her lol i like her pretty boy look more :]
  4. omg sooo cute!!! lol oh god. the picture looks so middle school man i hated taking those pictures at least she looked good in hers.. mine sucked LOL she still looks the same as before can't believe she doesn't like it hahaha
  5. dude.. super hottt! which reminds me.. i really miss their mister outfits lol nicole's abs are godly the picture doesn't do it justice hahahah
  6. it's cute that they dedicated a corner for her to do her homework lol i would actually freak if i was doing hw in front of my window only at night though, cuz i can't stand the fact that i can't see outside lol i like how super decorated her section is though she has a nice clutter.. i have crap all over my desk
  7. i was really amazed when i saw the IY drawings the most surprising parts were the shading they added.. i can never do that but her drawing is really nice. it makes me feel calm kekeke
  8. it's really sweet how she's really close to her grandmother are her family back at Gwang ju? grandparents are super touchy subjects (parents are too) especially if they were the ones that raised you...
  9. KARA's definitely doing amazingly in Japan i'm really glad for them. i think this is a successful year for Kara this is only the beginning! i'm looking forward to 2011!
  10. congrats hara! she definitely did well in IY ever since the beginning, she totally made an effort to entertain everyone with all her immature joke's LOL. great job hara :]
  11. my friends are not very into kpop but they're still aware of some kpop artists they are kara, snsd and big bang it's funny, because it's mostly my guy friends that know about kpop it's because of all the girl groups they're absolutely in love with kara and snsd i'm not even quite sure if they know any of their songs...
  12. i never thought anything about what seungyeon did after watching strong heart, i have a lot more respect for her. it's not like i ignored her or anything, but you never know what goes on behind the scenes i definitely have way more respect for her kpop industry is really difficult to get into sometimes i feel like it's worse than any other industry. kpop artists are constantly judged. every little thing can be turned against them and can make a HUGE deal out of them. i'm glad Kara's doing a lot better. seungyeon, your hard work has paid off. i really love watching strong heart because artists can reveal their hardships that others didn't know about.
  13. i think Nicole is the most charismatic one in Kara i really like her facial expressions when she dances she has attitude when she dances her expressions always match the vibe of the song when you watch her perform, you really get the feel of the song
  14. this is very helpful! i pretty much just wait for news on akp or omtd for oricon updates plus i don't have to bookmark all the links! and i know what i'm actually looking at LOL thank you!
  15. oh damn. that shelf of trophies. looks so pretty! hmm i wonder when those trainees will debut. one day this video will pop up again when those trainees debut hehehe
  16. aww poor seungyeon. that was a really hard fall though. i hope you don't fall either :] although, i do like seeing idols make mistake just to make each performance unique & memorable. but that fall was just :[ mad props for her for continuing the dance! she's so admirable
  17. i'm glad IU's finally getting a lot of recognition it was really cute the way everyone went up to IU and congratulated her but i like nicole's way the best. the way she ran up to IU made her seem like she was IU's real unnie soooo cutteee!
  18. lol out of all things to get signed. nice. better protect that, don't markers usually rubs off easily on rubber? heheh well anyway, that fan sure is lucky :]
  19. i don't think it would have made much difference. they'd probably win more awards on music shows but other than, i think the results still the same but at least it's being promoted in japan :] i looooovee the butt dance LOL.
  20. lol these two are such cute friends. i remember watching them on SSTP. their friendships really adorable. it was cute how they were playing/dancing around when their songs were being played.
  21. i think it's stupid that they're banning their outfits. i think it's mostly because jiyoung's a minor b/c that was their reasoning for some other group. but seriously, those outfits are not revealing at all. what's the problem anyway, it's nothing people haven't seen before i don't see the point of banning the girl group outfits while guys can still be shirtless. double standards ftl.
  22. i got into Kara because of MBC's Come To Play with SNSD i mean i've listened to Mister, but that was just it for me, until come to play. they were really funny and hara was super adorable! plus i love gyuri's attitude. i love her self confidence! i love it when people are blunt like that. there are people who hates that kind of attitude, but for me, I LOVE IT! i say they're the funniest people around LOL. watching variety shows are really the way to loving idols :]
  23. i absolutely love kara and all girl groups but my ultimate kpop bias is SNSD girl groups are my absolute favorite. don't know why. i really never imagined myself listening to the songs these girl groups sings. but i fell in love with all of them. SoKa will always be my favorite out of all of them though :]
  24. Hara! without a doubt! i think she has anime eyes/puppy dog eyes. whatever lol they're really big and pretty. her eyes are really lovable. i don't really pay attention to people's eyes, but with Hara.. i do
  25. Lupin. second would probably be Mister. Lupin's a really badass song. the beats were super catchy my brother kinda knows about kpop but all he listens to is big bang and he happened to hear Lupin & he couldn't get it out of his head the whole day he was even doing the dance LOL