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  1. Super girl is at #4 today, following SHInee's album which sold 38,922 copies
  2. Omgomgomgomg Kara has been officially invited to Kouhaku! If they attend, it will definitely boost Super girl sales
  3. I was SO excited when I saw that list! This just once again confirmed Kara's massive popularity in Japan. I really hope they'll attend (and drop all those year-end awards in Korea) because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It'll help them gain even more recognition and boost the sales as well!
  4. Nah the music industry is not that good anymore. None of this year's albums has reached 1 mil yet. If I remember correctly the top 2 albums have sold >800k copies. Super girl has sold 16 128 copies today
  5. Fantastic sales boost! I only expected 270k at best ;A;. This is just amazing.
  6. Today: #2: 36449 Total: 259602 Fantastic number! Yay platinum \O///
  7. D: I just realized there's only 1 day left + bonus. I thought there were 2 days left. 300k is not possible anymore lol
  8. THIS IS SO FREAKING AMAZING!!! I thought it'd be lucky if SG can sell >20k in the last days, and I was proven wrong again! Today's sales are even higher than yesterday's, which is just wonderful. If it keeps going like this, even 300k seems possible now lol
  9. Amazing sales today! I'm getting greedy lol, I want 250k now
  10. Super girl sold 27210 copies today~ total: 155722. 41k to go!
  11. Wow I didn't expect them to sell that much on the 2nd day This is amazing! 200k seems even more possible now, 71438 copies to go
  12. Kara's Ninki rating is 150 points, which is pretty good I'm hoping for >200k in the first week, but yeah I'm trying not to get my hopes up
  13. I don't think the title 'foreign artist' means that Kara isn't accepted in Japan or hasn't become a household name, etc. We all know how popular Kara is in Japan, so why does the title even matter? Tohoshinki is massive in Japan, yet they're still 'foreign artists', does that make them any less popular or 'accepted'? No. The title doesn't prevent ppl from liking the or buying their stuff. And what's wrong with being a foreign artist? If as a foreign artist they can still prove their longevity, wouldn't that be even better?
  14. I don't think it's a bad thing to be grouped under 'foreign artist' though, they're Korean, not Japanese.