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      Hey Karaholic! Since all of the members are now with different agencies, we thought it'd be appropriate to create new subforums so members can stay in touch with their activities. Please try to post here from now on with future updates and events.  Here are the new subforums we've created:
      Park Gyuri: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/158-park-gyuri-solo-activities-motion-media/
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  1. Just read this. Oh no!
  2. Hara badly needed a playmate she lost in Nicole and JiYoung. Everytime, she thinks of them on stage, she tears up. YoungJi being there will help to fill the void.
  3. They said earlier that if they win, they will do a deep bow.
  4. Seems like YoungJi is well-liked in Japan and she is being promoted in the Japanese MV with more exposure time than in the Korean MV. Her blouse is multi-coloured as compared to the rest. She gets to be the last one to end the MV preview. With this latest song and choreography, KARA has another top hit in Japan and YoungJi will steal the show with her freshness and youthful beauty as many Japanese fans are curious and want to know more about her. In the Japanese MV at 1:17 onwards, her black skin-tight pants accentuates her long legs and curves and when she undulates her S-line, IMHO, she puts HARA who is next to her in the pale. No offence to Hara's bias fans. Maybe it's the black coloured pants and her tighter blouse instead of Hara's red coloured pants and black loose blouse. But YoungJi's figure seems longer and fuller. This dance step is more alluring than the exciting Korean version. All I can say is WOW !
  5. Gyuri's abs has never looked better. She looks so toned and sleek. Compared to the other members, she is holding her own. Her hard work has really paid off. She is a terrific leader leading by example.
  6. Spazz

    Well, looks like we got ourselves another cry baby in KARA. LOL.
  7. Spazz

    Did the MC really asked that? LOL. She's so 'silly' funny. I just love her, haha.
  8. I agree with you that Nicole and JiYoung are unique and irreplaceable. The comparison is just a starting point. From there, you can track DSP's attempt to resuscitate KARA success and profitability. Looks is one of the selling points. I have also commented on dancing and vocal points. Karaholic will lose more members if it does not stay relevant and keep up with the times, bringing in fresh topics for discussion. If you think there are other 'best' points to judge, please let us hear more. I want to have some say on how KARA should go from here. DSP also wants to know what we think. I don't like DSP for the way they treated Nicole. But I respect Nicole for wanting to push herself to greater heights.
  9. Recent performance on 31May 2014. See video clip > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcVjRJSatLw My observations after comparing their Rock U version with the original KARA Rock U version:- VOCAL YoungJi sings like Gyuri. ChaeWon sings like SeungYeon. YooJi sings like Hara. JaeKyung sings like JiYoung. SoJin sings like Nicole. DANCE Best dancer is YooJi. Next is YoungJi. LOOKS More fitting to current KARA look as sexy and cool, less like a teenager, would be YoungJi. Next is SoMin. PERSONALITY Humble and thoughtful - YoungJi (during the introduction, she was the only one who addressed the crowd 'mina-san' and waited for their response, Clumsy and makes occasional mistakes with a tongue out (like Nicole) - YoungJi during the PARA-PARA dance of the GoGo Summer performance and also during the introduction. Her co-members were laughing at her mistake. IMHO, I think YoungJi will be a suitable choice. If a second member were to be selected from the 7, IMHO I think SoMin even though she looks like HARA. She can dance, sing and has the KARA look. She also has a humble, helpful and hardworking attitude. Don't hate me for this post. I am sad with Nicole and JiYoung leaving but am just trying to get on with reality. I hope for a new KARA and an interesting future ahead. I will still support Nicole.
  10. Here's the link with Eng sub http://gorillavid.in/embed-wxj6hgvzvfb1.html
  11. There is a simple solution to the Nicole not renewing DSP contract. DSP should re-negotiate the contract with Nicole with terms and conditions acceptable to both parties. After all, there is still about 3 months to re-negotiate. To be fair to Gyuri, SeungYeong and Hara, their recently renewed contract should be reviewed and amended after contract finalisation with Nicole so that their contracts are similar although there may still be some slight variation for each individual preference. The individual contracts, if need be, can kept strictly private and confidential, even from each KARA member. This confidentiality of benefits, rights etc is a common practice in the commercial sector between employers and employees. It also exists between broadcasting companies and performing artistes and their agencies. KARA members can continue coming together and working as KARA and all activities relating to the group. However, the artistes should be allowed to pursue their solo interests and not have opportunies to develop personally get vetted and rejected or prevented from even reaching them by their agencies. The artiste should have some say or decision-making rights. For K-Pop to grow internationally, the management companies must evolve and adapt to new changes or western practices and allow their artistes to develop their individual styles. Their artiste's personal experiences will give the group a distinct and unique flavour and character and enhance its appeal. KARA is unique because Nicole Jung brings with her english rapping, individual dancing moves and postures, sexy dressing, dorkiness and TV show appeal as well as huge legions of her fans. The other KARA members have likewise contributed in their own unique and special ways. I hope DSP takes this new and challenging path to become a leader for the K-Pop industry by adopting a new approach, by listening closely to what their artiste want and what their fans want. KARA wanted to perform a concert at Tokyo Dome and DSP helped them to achieve this. DSP should now also listen closely to what Nicole wants and re-negotiate a new contract with her before it's too late.
  12. Nicole loves to perform.. you can watch her in this recent fancam (Credit goes to the splendid videographer for the wonderful capture.) Nicole's movements are natural with 100% follow-through, no holding back. She is at times coy, then shy and cute ....even playful and cheeky. She sticked out her tongue at one point during a short break in between the dance steps. I simply like watching her perform...
  13. I stood next to Jiyoung in a fan photo in Singapore. At 12 inches from my face, her tofu-like complexion was so flawless that the only lines on her face were under her lower eye pouches when she smiled to me. It was such a friendly, radiant & cute smile. She was fleshy but not fat or thin & stands at about 5ft 8in with high heels & platform soles. She smiled to me again in amusement when I tried to get the fan in front of me to crouch down & not block me. One word..WOW!!
  14. How about KARA in anime world wears costume, has superpowers and are princesses. They can play the Supergirls song that they performed in Karasia concert as the OST. GYURI can be the queen. Then, they have to travel to our world because of some problem or crisis and here, they are in human form but still retain their superpowers and their idiosyncracies. Nicole will be for food and hyperness. Seungyeon will be crying and falling down etc. Maybe, 5 episodes will not be enough. What do you think?
  15. Either the trap door was faulty or the trap door operator did not do a good job. It was supposed to be lowered later for Nicole to make an exit. It was an accident waiting to happen. Good thing it did not get worse. Nicole could have twisted or fractured her ankle. The stage managers should not allow trap doors to be used unless there is no other way. It can very dangerous. Sometimes, they leave the big trap doors open even while the performers danced in front of it. The stage is usually dark and the multiple lights flare down and blind the performers sometimes. Another danger is from fireworks explosives. Michael Jackson was burnt once on the scalp. Even a S.H.E. member suffered extensive burns. Korean concerts usually have flames shooting up just beyond the stage. Sometimes, the performer has to stand high up on a small platform above the stage to sing also-Goo Hara. Safety should be paramount and not compromised. Performers should not put their life at risk unless it is safe to perform. Poor Nicole who had to bear much pain during her second performance. Beat It dancing must have been excruciatingly painful for her. DSP should seek compensation on behalf of Nicole to teach them a lesson.