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  1. thank you very much! your contribution is greatly appreciated, i love them a lot! keep up the good work
  2. hurray for goo hara's achievement, she worked so hard this year! kara fighting!
  3. goddesses have perfect skin, duh it's great though, gyuri probably takes good care of her skin and watches what she eats
  4. wow nice! i hope with the money they'll have a really nice and comfortable home with everything they need hehe
  5. haha it's cute, i don't think it's that big of a deal. i'm sure we all love seungyeon's clumsiness, but don't get injured xD
  6. i'm so glad they debuted in japan, people there make groups popular really fast and their culture is really into these fresh new girl groups
  7. GOOOOOOOO HARA! <3 congrats, all the best wishes to you you are one of the most entertaining idols out there!
  8. we got married! um..any of the members would be great, they would all be great wives in their own way haha. i think gyuri would be the best mother though
  9. im gonna go with nicole, but even though she eats the most i think she exercises to burn it off really fast too haha
  10. apart from the infamous butt dance, i think the rest of their dances are quite easy to follow. not to say they're too simple they're just easy to learn and stuff xD i think a lot of their choreography are easy and effective, not to mention cute/sexy!
  11. wow this helped me learn a lot more about the members, thank you very much for posting this
  12. this is great, very informative kara deserves a lot of recognition, i hope their debut in japan will spread their name even more in 2011!
  13. i fell in love the first day i found out about kara, unfortunately sunghee had already left so i don't know much about her. but the 5 members of kara are amazing they're sexy and all lovable <3
  14. i would be really nervous, and stare at them awkwardly because of how pretty they all are.
  15. can i be greedy and say all of them? haha. i cant and choose one over the other i would feel inferior to any of them.
  16. its hard for the girls to do so much, as nice it may be for them to appear on variety shows regularly but id rather them have breaks than always working. it depends on them whether they wanna spend time improving on their ability to sing and dance or entertain their fans through shows.
  17. as creepy as it might me...i think a lot of guys would want to see the girls in lingerie but yeah i think its pretty obvious that they're just sponsoring, why in the world would anyone ask them to show their undergarments, thats just disturbing.
  18. i am turning 19, but i dont think too many older people in their 20-30+ will like these types of music? just a guess
  19. i was just looking at all these girl groups on youtube, clicked on kara's honey MV and i fell in love with them
  20. honestly, probably everything LOL. neverending kara on variety shows would be a dream come true, not to mention neverending procrastination hahah, gotta love em.
  21. losing someone close is always hard, and even harder to talk about it. yes it's been a couple years but it really hasn't been long enough for seungyeon to talk about it comfortably. i'm really proud of her for being courageous <3
  22. i like girls who look healthier than skinny, so i think i would probably go with nicole just because we know she eats well and exercises like a beast
  23. gyuri covers all 3...but im biased LOL. um pretty is hara, and seungyeon is really cute when she smiles
  24. everyone and every group has their fans and antis. honestly u just learn to ignore them because at the end of the day u have more fans that support you. just ignore antis, you learn that in the western culture (justin bieber lol).
  25. i think gyuri...because honestly i have never seen her anything less than beautiful even without makeup. gyuri is just a goddess haha.