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  1. Wow, I can't believe it, it really is the end of an era of K-pop. There's nothing wrong with that but it's my first time dealing with it, especially since Kara was one of my favorite artists. I remember the day I became invested in them, September 7, 2008. After watching their U-Go-Girl performance with Lee Hyori, I listened to their recent album which was their first mini-album. I fell in love with the release and instantly became a fan. Although I did lose interest in the group after Jiyoung and Nicole left (that's not the only reason why though), Kara is a girl group, along with the Wonder Girls and Girls' Generation, that have achieved and set records, and released hit songs such as Mister, Step, and other releases from Sweetune. To me, Kara is one of the iconic and legendary girl groups of K-pop. 9 years is a long run and I'm proud and thankful for all of the members, that includes Sunghee, Nicole, Jiyoung and Youngji. Thank you Kara, I wish you all the best in the future and what you decide to pursue. ♥︎
  2. When the news about Nicole not renewing her contract was announced to the public, I had a strong feeling just like Shinhwa and Brown Eyed Girls, she would still promote with Kara but just under a different agency. However, I was wrong. I'm honestly just a bad fan, I feel like I'm the worst one. I didn't really take these news seriously and once it was announced Nicole and Jiyoung would no longer be in Kara or DSP, I was just... shocked. Like I couldn't believe, it was just so surreal. Girls' Generation and Kara are my favorite girl groups so I never experienced a member(s) leaving (I got into Kara in 2008, so I don't how it was when Sunghee left), so it was just all new to me. I just wish Nicole and Jiyoung the best of luck, the same goes to Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Hara. No matter what, I'll still support Kara as it is, even though it won't be the same. Kara today, Kara tomorrow, Kara forever; Nicole and Jiyoung will always be a part of Kara.
  3. Because I became a fan of Kara before their debut in Japan, I like Kara in Korea better. Kara's earlier releases sound very J-pop, like their first mini-album. Some of their Korean songs sound great in Japanese. Kara's very fit for the Japanese scene and I love their Japanese releases, like "Jet Coaster Love" and "GO GO Summer!". And their Japanese is pretty good, compared to other Korean artists who debuted in Japan (this is coming from a person who doesn't speak Japanese).
  4. Not just because she's my favorite member, but definitely Hara! I would say Nicole since we both speak English and are from Southern California, but Hara is my ideal type! We both have a HUGE love for food, we're both gluttons yet we stay so skinny, and she'd be the woman I can imagine myself being on a date with. ♥
  5. DVD

    Finally! A release for the KARA concert in Seoul! But it's a Japanese version sadly, and that means it's going to be expensive. I'm hope the Korean release on December 19 is true.
  6. Sweetune is an amazing producer! He produced so many great songs, especially for Kara! Songs such as my favorite single "Pretty Girl", "Honey", "STEP", and their recent song "Pandora". And he produced Nine Muses song "Ticket" which was pretty addictive, and SPICA's "Russian Roulette", which I loved the beats for. Plus Infinite! "BTD" (that was when I started liking Infinite a lot), that song proved Infinite should receive more attention than they were receiving. "Nothing's Over", which I freaking loved! I loved the addictive beats in "Paradise", and "The Chaser" was a pretty cool, fast, upbeat song! He also produced Kara's "Lupin", which made them more popular. Then the girls released "Jumping", which was also produced by Sweetune and made the girls really popular, then next thing you know, "STEP" is released and Kara was deemed one of the top girl groups in Korea. Sweetune should receive an award so or some kind of recognition, his songs are like masterpieces.
  7. Album

    I love the songs in this album! I swear, I like their Japanese albums better than their Korean albums (full length albums). I will definitely buy this album to support the girls! And for the low album sales, maybe it's because of their other products selling, so I guess that's the reason why. We'll see, hopefully the girls will rank higher with this album within this month! Kara fighting!
  8. DVD

    I would so buy this! But I'ma wait for a cheaper version. Like SNSD has a Hong Kong version of their Japan Tour for $38 (for Bluray) compared to a regular edition $75. And just recently pre-orders for their 2nd Asia Tour was made available so I have a feeling Kara's KARASIA Tour in Korea might be available soon. -Sighs- I don't know, I guess I'll just wait to see.
  9. Wah! I didn't know the girls (except Gyuri) had their own cars. Anyways, I'm feeling Nicole's car, it's really nice (but damn, those cars are expensive!)! And Jiyoung's so cute washing her car! >_<; Giant baby Jing can drive, haha. And lol, I can see why Gyuri doesn't drive, karabias.
  10. There's not a specific song that was my least favorite from the girls, but it's usually the songs from their full-length albums (excluding their first album, I never listened to it). I love ALL their songs from their mini-albums but the songs from their full-length albums, not so much. I liked "Step", "Rider" and "Date" from their 3rd album but that was it.
  11. Just like the 2nd commenter, I saw the "U-Go-Girl" performance by Hyori with Kara way back in 2008 and I liked it. So I listened to Kara's most recent release, their first mini-album and it all started from there! I started to like the girls even more when they released "Pretty Girl" that same year.
  12. Album

    I haven't posted here since Kara's promotions last year! But anyways, I'm so excited for their comeback next week! I'm actually glad it's a mini album because I find their eps WAY better than their full-length albums. It's a interesting concept, different sound and image so far from 'Step'. I can't wait for the hamster Seungyeon's and Nicole's teasers, the music video, and the mini album release. I wish Kara the best of luck for this round of promotions! Fighting!
  13. Album

    I can't wait! AH! The concept seems like a colorful, funky concept. And looking at the Twitter pics, I see the word "Lupin", and the setting reminds me of the Johnny Rockets... hm, interesting. Well I can't wait for their comeback! So many comebacks next month, I seriously can't wait! -Squeals
  14. Wah! Congrats to the girls for releasing their own fragrance, and being the first girl group to do so. I wonder what it smells like, I don't think I'll be buying it though, lol, since I'm a boy. And they're going to France?! Lucky girls! I hope they'll have a good time.
  15. The girls look so pretty in the picture! Nicole looks sexy with long hair, and Gyuri with red hair, goddess as always. I'm happy that this a full length album, I can't wait! It sucks they'll only be promoting it for 3 weeks though, but hey, it's better than nothing! SNSD's making a comeback too so I'm anticipating that as well. My two favorite girl groups coming back next month, I DEFINITELY can't wait! I wish the best for these two groups. Oh, I'm so excited! Fighting!
  16. I like intros and outros, they don't really do that in album releases in Korea, so I can't wait to hear those. I'm happy that this is a full length album as well. I can't wait!
  17. Congratulations to the Goddess Gyuri for getting the main role! I'm so proud of her. I can't wait to see more of her acting skills after watching URAKARA. I think Gyuri fits this role. I watched the movie and the girl is pretty just like Gyuri. I don't know, the character just seems to fit her.
  18. For the first time, I'm excited for a artist to be promoting in Japan! Usually I don't since they're not active in Korea but this time I'm excited. I can't wait for Go GO Summer to release and see the girls perform it TOGETHER on music programs! I just saw the teaser and I'm already anticipating it.
  19. YES! My favorite member is going to star in a drama! I've only seen her act in "URAKARA", so I can't wait to see her act in this drama! Plus she's apart of the main cast, yes! She looks so gorgeous in these filming pictures. I can't wait for this drama to air! Koala fighting! ♥
  20. This makes me so happy. ♥ YES! The controversy is finally over! I am proud of the girls for staying strong and Kamilias for staying strong and praying for the girls. Thank God it's resolved, but I wonder, because the girls dropped their lawsuit, I wonder what the agreement was. Hopefully the three girls are satisfied. But other than the dispute, I'm happy the girls are staying as 5! OT5! Haha. I can't wait for their comeback in Korea, I am anticipating it.
  21. I haven't logged in here in a while and I see a new layout! It looks so refrehsing! I love the summer feel, feels like I am riding a 'Jet Coaster of Love', haha. And the three girls reached a compromise with DSP! Edit: OMO! The top part of the layout changes during the day! That's cool! More excitement added after knowing the girls are back together, haha.
  22. Yay! The 5 girls are back together again! Things is sure progressing step by step. But the problem isn't solved yet, am I right? Well, I can't wait for the new single and I'm glad the girls are back together again doing their thing.
  23. That's good for Hara because she's young and she needs to be with her family, but what about Gyuri though? I wouldn't want to live in a dorm all by myself. It's nice the girls get to stay with their families but I would like it if they share a dorm though, so they can be together. Then again, the girls can have their own space, not be crammed in one room, and be with their families. And isn't Hara moving to a dorm for college next month?
  24. That is crazy! They beat the record of SNSD's concert selling out in 3 minutes! I'm really proud of the girls. They're so popular already. The girls are daebaek. But damn, 3 seconds?! Oh my gosh. J-Kamilias are beast!
  25. I can't believe this is happening to one of my favorite artists. Aigoo, I hope everything gets solved soon. I really don't want the girls to split up. But I went to a allkpop and the girls get only paid $3,000, and that's not enough. The girls deserve more, they're traveling back and forth to Japan and Korea and their schedule is crazy! Kamilias, stay strong! Just keep the faith and pray. And poor Gyuri, I hope she gets together with the girls soon. I love show she said she wanted to be with the girls because it is a proper path. ♥ Kamilia and Kara fighting!