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  1. read from other site said that they top the caller tune chart not ringtone. DAEBAK!! they are slowly conquered Taiwan music industry after Japan. hopefully Kara will be recognized by all ASIAN countries & all around the world.
  2. the teaser is so amazing!! now i want BTS for the MV. lol as expected Nicole can pull off any kind of music genre.
  3. Hi there. I'm not sure when can i get my passes but there's someone can give you the passes. If u want, you can ask stephanie. How many passes do you want? a pair?

  4. i also has been thinking about your flight ticket. just pray so that i received the passes earlier so that it is easy for you. it is not worth it id you came to malaysia but did not have the passes

  5. Wow, you're filled with lucky!

    It's okay, but i'm a bit worried for the flight tickets -_-

  6. ya. i've won a pair of passes again. because i haven't received the passes yet, so i'm not 100% confirm with u. i'll update again with u if i get the passes. is it ok with you?

  7. Sorry for the late reply.

    Yes, i've received your message.

    Do you have any good news??

  8. did u received PM from me?

  9. thanks chingu ^^

  10. wish u good luck!

  11. not sure yet..but really want to go..

  12. hi! going to MTV World Stage?

  13. hi...i from malaysia

  14. Who's going to MTV World Stage? Hope Kamilia can get the front seat, gather together and cheer Kara on that night.
  15. YEAH!! Kara in Malaysia. Need to win the pass first before i can buy my flight ticket to KL.