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  1. I love Jiyoung!! She's so young but she's so natural, like she has no airs about her. God, she's so pretty~~~~~~ *___*
  2. oh shes strong lol.. just like yoona ~~~ so small yet so strong hara so talented...
  3. There's one where she danced the quickstep and her hears were studded with HUUUUUUGE blue gems. But I think she looks like a little porcelain doll with her hair down. If I were blessed with such a face, I'd do the same. xD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  4. i never know that she has a cousin is that a guy or a girl they both look so cute thou~~~~
  5. I was thinking did she get burnt cz they only showed her pants caught on fire but didn't really show her legs... OMGsh... that's gonna hurt. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  6. hahhah lol this video is too much for me XD Kara is always hilarious on the variety shows!
  7. it's cute! i love the lines, how they're so dark and bold. i'm so weird. ^O^ 'nyways that's adorable. HaRa's so talented!!!
  8. wow this is so ancient, I can't believe it 0_0 she looks so cute :3333
  9. wow..she's really beautiful when she's wearing beanies (even if she dont wear that she's pretty)..CUTE HAMiii..^^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  10. I was shocked when i saw these pictures. She looks amazing with short hair, i love it. She should have done this a long time ago!
  11. I'm gonna have to go with Lupin! Sexy and cute in all the right ways <3
  12. *faints* oh god dat jiyoung! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Isn't this dance a little mature for someone that young though >_>
  13. haha that was cute haha seems like jiyoung knew more from nu abo than sulli knew from lupin prolly b/c lupin is slightly more new? haha maybe :/ still it was a nice clip can't believe i watched the entire 7 minutes lol
  14. Jiyoung is young, talented and very ambitious! I think she oculd do anything if she put her mind to it :3 ~~~
  15. link doesn't work but I've seen it before~ I love Jiyoung!! She's so young but she's so natural, like she has no airs about her. God, she's so pretty *___*