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      Park Gyuri: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/158-park-gyuri-solo-activities-motion-media/
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  1. hamster haha nice nickname but when i saw her eating i thought it suits her :D love yeon <3
  2. just like thread with nicole eating nothing special but yes it makes me hungry
  3. i'm proud that i'm taller i want 178+ to be nicole ideal boy but it is still 174 ehh i want to grow up and by the way seungyeon is reallyyy small
  4. it's to much to say about why you are in love in seungyeon i think people love her for her eye smiling she can do it the best in all kara ^^
  5. thanks for sharing^ i think she has a very honest smile ;p and i'm loving it, don't want to say but i have to: CUTE <3
  6. in lupin with this hair on beggining i was deceiving her with nicole, they was very alike, but now i can recognize who is who! and about her hair i like them short in first place <hehe>
  7. cute photos from her past huh? ^^ she's third in line for me if it goes about cutiness, but i always liked to see famous people child's age photos and i can say: YES she's cute
  8. really, i mean REALLY i want to watch what has nicole prepared for her fans^ i watched to now maybe 4 episodes and i think it's very interesting because i like korean style and peaople so i will have to write more posts to see that^^
  9. it makes me sad that the Red Kitchen nicole's mum went down i want to meet her i want to eat with cole some meal ^^ it can be anywhere T_T
  10. love her expressions even if thats frustration! but i don't want her to be like that^ i want her smile and laughing! don't worry be happy^
  11. don't look so energetic without make-up, just like Haara, it makes her look like tired woman but be it bare or with MU face i love her!! <3
  12. haha, i like when she's doing her expressions it's cute in some way. ^^ Fighting! the last pic from mae is epic
  13. that's a good question. first i watched Lupin, a mate gave me a link, and i loved it, most the nicole from all vid so i searched net for more info about her and now i'm here so for me she is very beauty, kind, honest and pure. I love her without make-up too
  14. eating, eating and eating, she focus her mind only on food by the way: that was siberia? ^^
  15. cute? not really for me, i don't especially like cat ears, it reminds me some characters in anime
  16. he doesn't look cute like Haara in some ways they are alike ^^
  17. links are broken or something, upload one more time plox ^ but for a topic name "mighty" i can say she can move mountains! hah
  18. H- honest A- adorable R- rare A- AWESOME! ^^
  19. she have beautiful hair so i don't like to see her with a hat or something, but im not going to say that she doesn't look cute with one
  20. strawberry? i like strawberries! but from now on i will like it more hah^
  21. "HARA DOESN'T STEAL FROM OTHERS. ...just takes what doesn't belong to her." hahah epic! btw she's too cute for stealing
  22. second photo is epic she's looking like on a tractor ;p 4th photo give me a little smile too
  23. like in description on some YT vids: "Haara - expert in hair flipping" i agree with that 100%
  24. whoaaa that's indeed a real big gallery of gifs ;p;p thnx 4sharing!
  25. look alike? maybe there are two photos of haara? kidding, but they are really look alike