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  2. I started being a fan of kpop generally at 2008 because of Wonder girl's Tell me... and since there were few girl groups back then, I instantly came across Kara's Rock u MV on the related video section. Then I became a fan. Originally, I was a fan of WonSoKa but for some reasons, Kara stole my heart the most and became a fully pledge Kamilia. Now, I have other fandoms here and there but I always put KAMILIA first and in bold letters on my profiles. KAMILIA is like a part of my identity since 2008!
  3. Impact – noun \ˈim-ˌpakt\ : the act or force of thing hitting another : a powerful or major influence or effect Knowing KARA is like a moment of impact. Like me having a new familia, an inspiration who motivates me Like a friend that comforts me and even showed some lessons that I can learn from. Honestly, I wouldn't imagine myself not knowing KARA and kamilia They have that effect on me… and it is more than what people around me think it is. *** I draw Hara since her principles in life inspire me the most and because in some ways I can relate myself to her. The way she achieved her dreams…that fragile body of hers possessing so much hope and positivity… truly inspiring. We all know, she is not all about the looks since she own a very beautiful soul. She, most especially, got me into Kara and that I am really greatly thankful of. Through thick and thin, and ups and downs… Though I don’t like roller coasters, if it is for Kara, I would. FOREVER KAMILIA <3
  4. thank you for this but I tried and can't still watch at Dramafever... what went wrong? hmm. LoL I'm dying to watch secret love. anyway thanks for the help.
  5. IN KARA WE TRUST! that's our motto right?! I always believe in it! Even we've been through a lot... They've been through a lot of hardships too! I can't understand why some people can't move on and still say "unnecessary" things. I know it's difficult and it hurts so much but it will just make it more difficult for both kara and kamilia and to jiyoung and nicole too. Anyway, I'm speaking from my own perspective. I will support KARA, Nicole, Jiyoung and the future members! Our Leader, Thank you! <3
  6. I love the new theme! The green is very relaxing to the eyes! Thank you staffs and designers! you're hard work is greatly appreciated! MERRY CHRISTMAS! \^.^/ yay!
  7. DSP is starting to impress me again... tsk tsk. Waw I'm so excited! Hope they sub this and the future vids! It's totally Jjang! Kara now reaching international fans! I'm so proud! ^^
  8. wah!~ so excited for their japanese single! Cool phones, I want to have them.. "Go go summer bright!" XD
  9. hehe. Anytime. for karaholic.^^ thank you too!

  10. :D Hello^^ hehe.*shy* It was just yesterday. I'm so happy.^^
  11. ^ thanks for sharing! Yeah! got confused too! city hunter prod must plan to make her role bigger but it'll conflict her japanese schedule so.. gosh.. I hope hara goo still has the chance to rest if ever the plan will pursue and she have to do both.
  12. @cica, I totally agree with you... LOL.. It is just that its too casual/simple(?) for a daughter's president. XD and with --> Hara is adorable, it's no doubt... XD.. Love the ribbon thingy on Hara's head...
  13. hahahaha! I really LoL-ed at the ambulance thingy... K-kamilias are awesome they really want to protect HAM and be ready if ever she trips... XD. daebak!
  14. Gosh... Hara goo is tweeting much these days.. I love how she interacted with other idols too. She must enjoy twitter so much... Agree at Nicole, Hara is indeed pretty on that blue dress...
  15. the video was not available... but I enjoyed reading the translations... Lol at HAM.. its hilarious.. well she got the point... XD at 'SY teaches us sex education!' and the ham goes 'Yeah, I taught them well.' hahaha! XD.
  16. gosh! cole! you're burning hot!... I like those abs... yummm. XD. PERFECT!.
  17. I chose 'everything'.. XD. I can't chose a specific one cause I like almost every feature she has...
  18. a little.. just a little.. maybe the eyes... they have similar eyes..
  19. Those cookies are delicious.. I want to taste them especially it is made by cole... T.T I miss Family outing and her on variety shows too... :C
  20. this topic is really interesting! I've devoted an hour to read all the comments.. LOL. I'm glad that there are people that are now fan and used to be a hater. I want to share mine... I started loving Kpop back at 2007 and started to pay attention to Kara at Rock U days (2008). I instantly like rock u from its first play. then I became a Hara bias. I only looked at hara, hara, hara... blah blah blah... there was an instance that I doubted and dislike(but not hate) other Kara members along my run as a kamilia(especially that ham and cole pretty girl incident). but then through time they grow in me. Their first win was the biggest event for me as a kamilia. It was the time I started loving all members equally and appreciated their own uniqueness.. Now, I really love KARA as a whole and individually. honestly speaking I dislike some kpop groups but not a crazy one that instantly type down their hateful words... I just keep it to my self or shout it aloud when I'm alone. XD and besides we all have own perspectives and opinions about things.. so i think it's okay if you are a hater or disliker, well its your thoughts but it only differ on what kind of hater/disliker are you.. I guess there is something about Kara that we really love about. Some found it out as soon as they saw kara, some later found it out after hating them, and some doesn't witness it yet... XD...
  21. Thanks yoo for the translation. Now gyul entered kara's Twitter spree. I'm really glad members are active in Twitter. Mmmm. Wonder what show Kara tv is for?
  22. I like gyul and ham to go to WGM but I voted ham instead coz I love to see ham with onew in it. Although I also love gyul with hyuk. It is just that there is no choice for both. Lol.
  23. I'm expecting their comeback will be a lot more special (It has always been special because it's KARA. XD) Anyways, whatever their image or concept would be, I'm confident that KARA can deliver it well... Supporting KARA no matter what!
  24. Thanks for sharing! ^^ Now I can't wait for their korean comeback and also for their dream concert and their japanese comeback!!! Let it be fall. XD! I'm so excited!
  25. :D Welcome. No problem! ^^ Keep in mind that bad grammar/spelling must not stop you from writing stories because you have the this mind that can really think of great and nice stories. ^^ ( spelling/grammar can develop ;D) I will keep reading your future stories! Thank you friend. I'm glad you're happy hearing my advice! ;) LOVYA TOO! XD.