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  1. I can't believe this. I'm hoping that's her father. He looks very stern & strict lol, but still came to support his daughter which is sweet
  2. graphcis updated! in part2

  3. I really like Hara's outfit @ Incheon. Light colors and pastels look freakin' awesome on her. At the Music Wave, here straight parted hair is gawgeous. I've been liking that more than her curly look lately. And her face IS shaped like an egg, haha
  4. ...1st Sem down. 2-3 more years to go..aigooo

  5. Her and Onew would be awesome. I loved their interactions on the 1st season of IY. He so nice though! I think any girl, no matter how nice, would eventually get the upper hand. Or Minho/WooYoung would be nice.
  6. Love the scans from the "step" video! http://img685.imageshack.us/img685/3497/haravc.jpg ^^ How can somebody wink and look badass @ the same time? Her dancing was freakin' awesome in the video, I know I'm late, but her energy is just crazy good. She's been placing pretty high on those polls, congrats!!
  7. Yup, Hara Fans unite! ^__~

  8. Happy 3rd Year Debut Anni!!! I hope your popularity keeps soaring & increasing each day. Congrats on your new solo & your HOT new boyfriend! Stay sweet & goofy, dae?
  9. Can't even explain how happy I am for this girl. She deserves some loving!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooo psyched for her. I had no clue this was going on & boy was I shocked. I love JunHyung, Hara is his type; a girly girl appearance but I'm sure that's not the reason they're together. I support her & him and I hope they continue to date despite the crazy media.
  10. I love Hara's style. If I were reborn into a person who could actually wear baggy & cute clothes, I'd jump at the chance. But unfortunately, that's not the case. She looks great with her braided hair in that Cf shot. I hope to see much much more activities from her, but not tooo much. She needs to relax for a day or a month or two lol.
  11. I loved how nice Soongki & Heechul were!! I watch Heechul all the the time and him leading her down the stairs?? I know he was probably joking & exaggerating but it's sooo funny seeing that side of him. City Hunterrrr!! Hara is the best actress in the world!! keke, how do you interact with Minho & not squirm from his hotness!!?? I need to watch this soon after I finish my current drama, can't wait to see Goo & her pouts ^^
  12. LOL, I hate being wet too~ keke She looks so cute like that tho, 2AM was there right?? I'm sure they noticed..lol