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      Hey Karaholic! Since all of the members are now with different agencies, we thought it'd be appropriate to create new subforums so members can stay in touch with their activities. Please try to post here from now on with future updates and events.  Here are the new subforums we've created:
      Park Gyuri: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/158-park-gyuri-solo-activities-motion-media/
      Han Seungyeon: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/159-han-seungyeon-solo-activities-jwide/
      Goo Hara: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/157-goo-hara-solo-activities-keyeast/
      Jung Nicole: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/160-jung-nicole-solo-activities-b2m/
      Kang Jiyoung: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/161-kang-jiyoung-solo-activities-sweetpower/ For Youngji, we've opted to leave the forum as is as she is still with DSP Media.  Thanks for your attention, hope you continue to drop by and visit.. new members and old! 

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  1. They quite look alike. I think its because similarities of their face shape and eyes.(maybe)
  2. WOW..... She looks sooooooooooo pretty with the hairbands. The hairbands looks fit with her. She is very cute.
  3. OOOOOO, thank you very much for sharing this. I really like it. I must use it for my cellphone. This great, man !!!!
  4. Must download. This is very cute. I will use it for my cellphone. thanks for sharing this.
  5. WOW...... Thank you very much for sharing this. I really likes it. I will use in my cell phones. KARA JJANG !!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I think all the hairstyle fits her well. She still looks cute, young, and pretty.
  7. I think if we compare Jiyoung's skin and Hara's skin, Jiyoung skin color is a little bit more pale. But it's really pretty.
  8. Jiyoung with her pigtails really looks cute and really fit her well. Whoa, she really cute and pretty in those pictures. Thanks for the pictures.
  9. I like Hara with red hair. It's really pretty on Hara. OOOO, she looks cute.
  10. WHOA........!!!!!!!! Hara without makeup ????????? She still looks pretty. Really really natural beauty. Thanks for sharing the pics.
  11. The pink camera looks cute. She taking the picture of the fan ??? OOOO, she must really like her fan.
  12. Hahahaha, food really give you strength. I think Seungyeon knows about that. Anyway, thanks for sharing the pics.
  13. Soooooo many pictures. She looks very pretty and cute in every pictures. She totally a cute girl. Thanks for sharing the pics.
  14. Wow, she does look like hamster. Really a cute hamster. Thanks for sharing the pics.
  15. I like Seungyeon in straight hair. She really looks young and cute in straight hair. Thanks for sharing the pics.
  16. Her minnie mouse hairstyle looks cute and pretty. I likes it too. Maybe she likes minnie mouse so much.
  17. WOW, she is really cute. Her eye smile really charming and soooooooooo cute. Seungyeon, you are really a cute girl.
  18. WOW, Seungyeon is really a baby face girl. I like a girl with a baby face, because i have baby face too. Seungyeon JJANG........!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. WOW, she is really looks cute. Whoa, she is really adorable. It's driving me crazy. Seungyeon JJANG !!!!!!!!!!
  20. It's really feel like 70's. hahahaha But still she looks pretty. Whoa, everything she wears, she still looks pretty.
  21. WHOA............. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very many pictures. She looks pretty and adorable. I really like the pictures. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
  22. The second pic is really cute. Anyway doesn't she looks like Taeyeon (SNSD) ?????? Maybe just my feeling. Anyway, whatever her expression, she still looks cute.
  23. Yeah, she really have a lot of aegyo. I really like aegyo girl. hahaha Aegyo explosion. Thanks for sharing the pics.
  24. They don't look so different. Are they twins ???????????? I really curious. But anyway, both of them are really pretty. Thanks for sharing the pics.
  25. From her expression, she looks doesn't want to cut her hair. Don't worry, Hara. Your hair will back to normal. Hair can grow, right ?????