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  1. have you all realized there is always bed(s) in all Kara's MVs? i realized it a few days ago and make the compilation of it =UPDATE= Same Heart MV Jumping MV & Individual PV what do you guise think? it must be more than just a coincidence LOOOL
  2. omg yaaay for the green light <3 dominating the japan market is just about counting days
  3. "KARA's Ever-Patient Fan Club : Kamilia" <--- Quote of The Century i'd love to come but........................too far away T^T
  4. all of them in Strong Heart? whoa can't wait to see my girls back in variety show <3 hope Sweet Melodix Subbing Team will sub it
  5. Single

    not sure when it is... but i think it's 19th April yaaaay #2
  6. Single

    congrats KARA for taking numbah one at weekly chart!!! and whoa more than one million sales in less than a year??? /dance got surprised that Jiyoung stolen japanese fans too
  7. Single

    43 years and 4 months it too AMAJJANG! ;A; so proud of you my girls!!! thanks for working so hard
  8. Single

    really really glad they're doing well :') When they get their first #1 weekly chart, let's aim for monthly chart \o/// or even yearly chart? lol
  9. Album

    idk what to say if they'll get Platinum!!! should i shout 'YAAAY' or 'HOLYYYYY' or what? btw hoping for the best!
  10. LOLOL IKR i wouldn't surprised if they had bed for the next Korean Release MV and thanks to my Eagle eyes LMAO KARABED WOOHOO oh btw i've put the bed from Same Heart and Jumping in the first post. somebody could help me to put the Bed from Mister and Good Day here? someone told me there is/are beds too LOLOLZZZ
  11. the same thing goes in Indonesia too! while DDR has Honey, the Pump It Up has Wanna and i played it sooo many times with my non-kpop friends, and they said the beat is catchy and such! woohoo KARA is taking over the worldddd~
  12. hello~ hello~

    1. Fitry'z


      wow ur face kinda cute Lol....

  13. THE BEST NICKUF FIVE!!! I knew it they will be this success omg Kara I'm excited now to see your upcoming Dorama that will boost ur popularity more and more! then how about Asian Tour?
  14. Omg SPAZZ SPAZZ SPAZZ I'm so happy to hear this... Never expexted that Kara will doing TOO WELL in Japan \('-'\) \('-')/ (/'-')/ Japan market checked, Korean market checked, and now USA Debut?
  15. Album

    awww they keep buying time. i won't hurrying their comeback... but please just make it fiercer! and give Jing some spotlights she deserves!!!
  16. omg our girls made it again :') what we can do now is order them and relax since the sales are high! ikr KARA will be a bomb in Japan, and i guess we all knew it already lol
  17. Single

    better late than never to say this : congrats KARA for surpassed 50K mark and they outsell Bigbang's new single.......? /evillaugh zomg now my frienemy cannot say anything about this :]
  18. the brand isn't matter, the matter is the 'talent' and i guess u have that :]

  19. Single

    hate to agree, but Mister and Honey are best translanguage songs from all kpop songs. Muzik was ughhh... the lyric is lol. even Genie is weird in Jap.
  20. my biggest mistake is i never knew this before from ages ago T__T goodness Jingly, u're so flawless! and that rar file.... 300 MB, srsly?
  21. awww Mister PV broke their bed based MV. oh wait! Mister is a PV not MV lol, then we should wait for their comeback at the end of September :'D
  22. Album

    am hoping for : sick choreography and a good MV w/ storyline pls T__T Lupin's concept was so potentional to make a good storyline, but then.... /sigh. not to mention the choreo was a bit lame for that FIERCE song!
  23. sleepy but do not want to sleep

  24. now they are too overworked ;__; well in sakes of our happiness KARA will do it no matter what ah i hope it's Phone CF :3 remembering they hvnt endorsing any mobile phone product lol