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      Kang Jiyoung: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/161-kang-jiyoung-solo-activities-sweetpower/ For Youngji, we've opted to leave the forum as is as she is still with DSP Media.  Thanks for your attention, hope you continue to drop by and visit.. new members and old! 

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  1. Sigh i hope all is well for her... Missing her like 123565676!! >.< Seeing the so called baby KARA dancing to their hits.. i cant help but miss Jing and Cole....
  2. Have been watching their old clips. I MISS JING BABY A LOT. Hope that all is well for her! (: cant wait to hear speaking in perfect english. Hee.
  3. ♥HAMMIE FACIAL EXPRESSION #101♥ Saw those adorable pictures from animal farm. How can i resist it? >___< This girl is just tooo cute. ♥ When she's lost? Feeling skeptical? *pouts* Pout #2 Pout#3 Shhh, pls be quiet. when she's all happy~ ^^ When she whines~~ [[COMPILATION]] Raw pictures taken from baidu. Edited and complied by Caly@karaholic. (:
  4. Hi there! A fellow subber as well? (:

  5. WOOHOO!just saw the committee thingy! I'm so slow! Hahaha! But congrats! Hehe^^

  6. Just saw the updates! Omg! Congrats! Ron! ^^

  7. Omg! I got in to kh and saw what's happening! Congrats! ^______^

  8. Follow me at twitter @sunnybunnies

  9. [2011.12.27] Dance mistake, Jiyoung laughs in embarassment, Calm Hara comes to the rescue. Recently, a clip on the internet revealing KARA's maknae Kang Jiyoung dance mistake, has become a hot topic. The clip named "Dance mistake, Jiyoung laughs in embarassment, Calm Hara comes to the rescue" is a life performance stage of KARA at Japan's BSスカパー concert that was held on the 24th of December. Jiyoung made a mistake upon where to stand and Hara calmly pushes Jiyoung to the correct position. The bipolar expression of the two made fans online reacted with various comments like: "Maknae Jiyoung is so kawaii!". "Hara's coolness and calmness is very charismatic!" "I laugh along with the girls" "This kind of mistake is highly welcome! Too cute!". translated by: Caly/dreamgal_91@Karaholic Taken from: baidu yuleyuan (TAKE OUT WITH PROPER CREDIT. THANKS) (: This is the performance in case you guys are looking for it. (: Click here~ Our dearest Hajing <3
  10. To have a magnificent and deep-impact comeback, fulfilling this criteria is just the basics? Awaiting for their korean comeback, the huge amount of money(million won)invested into KARA's STEP's Music video have gain lots of attention from the public. KARA released their third album title track "STEP" MV on 6th of september on Youtube. According to sources , the setting up cost of the Music video is more than a million won and this clearly shows the effort of DSP in promoting KARA's long awaited upcoming comeback stage in Korea. The setting of the Music Video itself uses a 35 metre, the world largest scale Street-like setup to match with the colourful outfits for KARA and the fierce dance moves of STEP. The set-up focuses mostly on the vibrant, colourful feel, to steal all attentions from the viewers. After releasing the album digitally, the limited version is out for sale.On the sidenote, KARA managed to top the digital download. The normal version of the albums will also be out for sale on the 8th of september. The transformation from the cute image to a more sexy and mature image have gained the attention of the masses. Netizens who watched the music video gave comments: " Prolly due to the amount of the money spend on this MV, it's really impressive!" ,"All the songs in the albums are so nice!", "This concept suits KARA!". However, critical comments like "This is the basic standard for a comeback" and "The making of this MV cost million won?!" were also seen. Nevertheless, KARA is going to be back in various activites this mid september to promote this album. Taken from: KARAfamily.net,donga Translated by: Caly/dreamgal_91@ KARAHOLIC. CREDIT FULLY WHEN TAKEN. THANKS (:
  11. Wow! Kara is madness in japan! I am sooo happy that they are faring soo well over there! Those crazy figures of their album sales is just daebak! Wintermagic may not yet reach the top of the daily chart, but their popularity is already there! (:
  12. My new holiday is on xmas i suppose. :( so haha is having break soon, so will it means i will hear from haha more often? Hehe <3

  13. Following KARA's famous butt and penguin dance, KARA is going to challenge the Japan-originated PARAPARA dance in their latest single "Go Go Summer" that is going to be release this month on the 29th. The PV of this song is being filmed at a beach and it has a very strong summer feel. Incorporating their sexy moves with PARAPARA dance, the member gave it a new name "KARAPARA". PARAPARA dance originated in Japan, comprising of hands and legs movements mainly. This dance gained their popularity in the 80s. However, they are taken over by the eurobeat. Though this dance is not in trend currently, it is believed that KARA will revive this dance craze. KARA mentioned that this dance moves are easy to learn and they hope that everyone will learn and dance with them. KARAPARA is going to be another KARA's signature representation following the butt and the penguin dance. Translated by: Caly/dreamgal_91 @karaholic Taken from: Yahoo PLEASE CREDIT FULLY WHEN TAKEN OUT. Thanks. (:
  14. Now I realized that y are a subber now! Heeehee! A super late congrats! ^__^

  15. KARA's ex member Kim Sunghee revealed pictures of her wedding day On 7th this month,Kim Sunghee, together with the oldest son of voice actor Yang Jiwoon, Yang Wonjoon, held their wedding at Paju. Overcoming the huge age difference of nine years, Kim SungHee and her current husband Yang Wonjoon met each other at a church activity two years ago. They attended various international musical events together and they finally progess to being a couple a year before they got married. A day before her wedding,Kim Sunghee posted on her cyworld: "When a man and a woman becomes one, they are one family.",revealing her happiness regarding the marriage. The wedding photographer revealed " A very blissful and beautiful couple, one can feel their true affection towards each other." To add on, KARA's original member Kim SungHee's powerful singing capablities had won people's support. However, after the promotion of KARA's first album, SungHee suddenly left the group in february 2008. Translated by: dreamgal_91/Caly @karaholic. (TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT) Taken from:Newsen ^____^ Our Sungbokie is sooo PRETTY!!!
  16. The episode of StrongHeart that is going to be broadcast on 17th of may is the first schedule that KARA has attended ever since their disbanding crisis. Various moments of KARA crying has also been unveiled. In the preview of this upcoming episode, Kang HoDong uses "A united and therefore more beautiful KARA" to greet the girls and they replied with "Hello Everyone, We are KARA!". However, the girls cried when they confesses the experience of the disbanding crisis which happened in the beginning of this year. Han Seungyeon revealed while crying:" Within these few months, a lot of things have changed.". Goo Hara, too expressed that: "There were a lot of misunderstanding". She goes on to explain what had happened. Especially when KARA's leader Park Gyuri breaks down and comment that there was nothing she can say, it makes everyone feel for KARA of what they have been through for the past few months. In addition to Kara, Baek Ji Young, Jang Woo Hyuk and Shin Bong-sun are also artistes that will appear in this coming episode of StrongHeart. Translated by: dreamgal_91/Caly @karaholic (TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT) Taken from: Newsen Poor KARA. I wonder what misunderstanding is! Gonna watch this episode of strong heart for sure. (
  17. Girl group KARA's Nicole uploaded a hilarious cute photo on twitter that got many fans' attention. Nicole uploaded a photo today(25th of june) with title " Hara sleeps well anywhere and i am being laid on. And currently too." In the photo, Hara is sleeping peacefully, lying on top of Nicole who was being laid on at a weird uncomfortable postion. On the other hand, their sexy leg lines have gained lots of attention. In response to the picture, netizens commented: " Is hara faking sleep? The two of them are too cute together!!" ," Hara's and Nicole's legs are really sexy.","Please stop slimming down and eat more!", "someone, Please save Nicole~" Taken from: TV report Translated by: Caly/dreamgal_91@karaholic Credit fully when taken out. thanks~ Kyaaaahhhh!!! >.< Hani is making it tooooooo obvious!!! Loveeeeee them! Thank god hara is really skinny! If not, our nicori will be squashed haha! xD CUTTTTEEEEE!!!
  18. kinda. School work is bothering me left right up down. =( how is haha doing these days?

  19. Nope. Heehee. Was surfing the net last night. Sigh but today, I am up this late to do my assignments. :((

  20. A night owl~ heehee

  21. :D hi, you prefer me to call you dookie or monstar? XD
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