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  1. Even though she's the maknae, but she's the tallest.. And the 'fake maknae' is the shortest, LOL... Well, I found out a fact that in other girl groups, maknae is usually tall.. Just like the one in SNSD...
  2. A very very great, well shooted photos! And the angle is sooo perfect.. As always she looks cute.. I love the way she plays with simple stuff, like confetti
  3. Her teacher looks young.. But jiyoung looks much much younger than her Awww she's so cute with that 'victory pose'
  4. I thought the dog was a doll, LOL! She's so cute.. And the dogs name are Jisook and Myungsoo? Maybe those name comes from two big names in entertainment: Yoo Jaesuk and Park Myungsoo? Just kidding, lol
  5. Hahaha, hilarious! I always love about how she respond to any occasion... It's just.. Spontaneous and funny, and of course, CUTE!
  6. Oh nooo I can't watch the video because it is written that the video is no longer available... Can I get the new-uploaded same-video?
  7. When will this poll being closed..?? I vote for AmaJing, sounds funny and also catchy.. After look at the vote results, seems like I'm the only one who vote for AmaJing..
  8. What? Those are pictures of her mom? She looks very young... And pretty too Now I know from where did jiyoung inherite her cuteness
  9. Haha, they're almost similar..!! Those cheeks and lips.. I'm wondering if her unnies are idol too?
  10. Haha they are promoting the same outfit Personally I think both of them are cute on those outfits.. Because both of them basically are cute and pretty ~ yeoppo
  11. This fact makes me shock... Since she is the youngest member but seems has the most ear piercing.. Anyone knows how many piercing does she have?
  12. Haha, that's a kind of maknae-aegyo Those looks really natural..
  13. Hmmm.. Those eldest are really - old.. I didn't choose one of them... Those oppas are too old for Jing I think.. Just my personal opinion
  14. Haha, I love those eating expression... The fifth image is really ~ Daebak!!! It makes me hungry too ~ LOL
  15. Haha, those are cute and unique images.. She loves cereal? Hmm I didn't know it before... Now I know why she has a great and healthy body