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  1. lol i think it's just the two pictures used here, but sohee and hara definitely dun look alike IMO
  2. lol when i was looking at the pics, i was thinking something must be wrong with me cause i dun see any resemblance lucky the comments corrected me :] She's pretty but i don't think she looks like Hara at all
  3. watching this makes me remember bout IY lol i wonder when will we be able to see season 2, hopefully the cast will have someone from KARA still
  4. lol i guess everyone is curious of how celebrity siblings look like i'm wondering how he looks like too ...
  5. she looks good with both, but i personally like her black hair here, might just be the photos used though
  6. It's quite good, although i don't kno why, but i think i'd like the song more if it was in korean lol, so hopefully they have a korean version soon. Also, i especially like the limited edition B cover
  7. lol, well looks like tat lucky fan won't be using it ever don't want the autograph to rub off now would we xD
  8. Hmm i like her with her long elegant black hair better to be honest lol and why does nicole's hair get shorter everytime they make a come back =.=
  9. lol wow, really daring outfit I think in the pics, gyuri does seem to wear it better, it looks nicer with her long hair If only Ha Ji Won had her long hair
  10. lol such a good looking pretty boy, she looks so good, better than some male idols
  11. This is from star junior show? anyways, she looks great in the pics, like an older sister taking care of her younger sis. lol
  12. lol, well she'll definitely be a a pretty boy if she were a man, but i like our goddess as a girl
  13. lol, extremely cute, especially in the second gif, is that from idol show? jst judging it by the background lol
  14. She's really cute indeed, completely agree with the messages, she completely looks the same, love the dimples
  15. she's got it on both sides too, it's really cute, and suits her maknae image
  16. lol the first 2 pic so cute, the last 2nd with a whole carton of milk, was pretty funny lol It must be great to be able to drink so much milk, I tend to get sick of the taste after drinking it a few times
  17. It surprising suits her lol. When i saw the thread title I'm like, will it really suit such a doll-like girl. But it looks good, only thing is, I think it makes her loook younger than she already does lol.
  18. lol, dunno why, but knowing she was a fangirl, makes me like her even more ! So cute and adorable !
  19. First impression: she definitely don't look her age, lol ! At first i thought she was one of the younger ones, or the maknae even, but who knew she was the same age as Gyuri
  20. I'm older by a year and one month, guess that makes me her oppa xD I think it'd be nice to here her call me that
  21. I saw her running on IY, the sport competition episodes, she is definitely very fast, and lives up to the name Goosain Bolt, lol. And jst speechless bout that fall, hope she didn't hurt herself too badly, surprised only one person stopped to run back to her.
  22. Lol her jokes are one of the best thing bout IY. It's a shame she only told them during the beginning of the series. Sometimes the funniest thing bout them was when people guessed the answer right lol, her reaction to it is so cute !
  23. she looks exactly the same lol, but yeh the make up was definitely too heavy. But she still looks good nevertheless.
  24. Fanboy here :] She just so cute and funny to watch. I love seeing her act out her dorky self and her Immature jokes lol, especially when people get the answer to her jokes right.. lols
  25. lol, that wink on picture 6, omg it's so cute that it's most likely enough to kill anyone... !