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  1. is that hara??but looks hairstyle same with goo hara.. of my eyes doesnt different her hairstyle
  2. very cute Hara ke ke ke..... yeah I wonder how he looks like but I didn't know that Hara has a big brother
  3. So sweet and adorable,hara be happy and smile more love hara.HWAITING!!!
  4. First time I saw her was when Kara was doing the Rock U song. I thought she was pretty adorable and now look at her! It really showed her growth and maturity after looking at Lupin.
  5. aigooo.. maknae its cute... she close with her teacher thx for share
  6. aigoo... LOL expression ive ever seen.... maknae maknae 2nd n 3rd gif very cute
  7. OMG georgeus maknae..... blink blink earing.. with that earing, she is going to be shine
  8. hehehe really same outfit, same beauty.... very hard to choose but maknae jiyoung outift make him cute
  9. cute, nice smile, beauty, nice laughing, n the laughing same with yuri SNSD
  10. her laugher, her smile shining n georgeus cute maknae every her smile made me frozen
  11. OMG she's so cute..... middle school picture very cute.... her lips n smile very cute