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  1. jujuzkamilia

    Sketch Book

    amazing drawing ,,, they looks more cute...
  2. agree with that question ,,, i'm so envy
  3. thanks for translating and share to us,,, wahh they look so happy in singapore,, i hope, i can meet them in my country,,, ,,
  4. inget kok sama kamu hehe,, dunia sempit yahhh >.<

  5. wahhhh ketemu disini juga! XD ini @jujuz_kamilia kan?! wahhhh inget nggak sama @bubbykins :P

  6. yeahhh,, thanks KARA ANGEL,,, hope the planning will be success, and i'm waiting for the pic :thumbup1: don't forget to share about the moment, what kara say during fanmeet
  7. i really really miss them,,, wahh i'm so excited,, and the solo song i love their solo song, specially Guilty of hammie,,, KARA i'm waiting 4 U
  8. thanks for shared,,,, kara so cute ,, jiyoung so cute with doraemon XD
  9. hey there! how's it going? :D

  10. wowowoowowow kang jiyoung is dominating in #1... wahhhh amazing maknaeeee KARA jjang
  11. i'm so happy,, cz many kamilia in america that attend to the concert... thanks kamilia,,, the pearl peach so awesome,,, there is one that use and say seungyeon marry me,,, :lol: he's so cool