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  1. Hopes Pretty much sum up what we're all fans want : Kara news feed everyday (the positive ones of course, and I don't mind spazzing everyday hehe) Including variety, drama, movie, cf, comeback, etc Fear One year left for GyulHamGgool's contract and I'm sure DSP will do whatever it takes to make them stay Prediction Some releases (of course ) The obvious : Gyul's movie, Hara's show, Youngji's show
  2. Meanwhile, Aechak also open pre order for their 4th goods, this time with hoodie shirt too even more pricey but worth it, huh? http://880724.com/goodsindex.html http://880724.com/gnuboard/bbs/board.php?bo_table=photobook_notice&wr_id=27
  3. ^ I want to buy but the shipping fee alone is cost me a fortune, so..T_T with A-Jax Sungmin and Jaehyung
  4. YAY! I'm glad I've purchased it though those NFC card will be pretty useless for me
  5. I thought it was an old picture but since Oh Chang Seok sharing this too, it must be recent then wondering what they were doing together?
  6. ^ I believe it's because she's the youngest; both in age and in entertainment industry can't wait to watch it next week, and ofc Hammie won't be left out with Jaesuk being there
  7. ^ it's recent I believe, it's a gift for a lucky fans during previous Karasia
  8. yes she's a lead, I think it will be a one-episode drama since it's drama special; like secret love..
  9. Actress Hammie is back! for MBC special drama/drama festival, will air in November no proper translation yet, but the title is along with 'guitar and hot pants' something http://v.media.daum.net/v/20141025071705146?f=o with Oh Jong Hyuk (?) http://www.mydaily.co.kr/new_yk/html/read.php?newsid=201410251414221113&ext=da