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  1. oh ! thanks :) haha.. i'm really enjoying this forum ! so yeah.. thanks for your approach :)

  2. oh, haha ! it's nice to meet you also :) haha..

  3. yah.. hope to know you better too :) have a nice day ! :)

  4. weeeeeeeeee ! agree kinda same face and ice that makes them look alike well, Hara is still prettier !
  5. seungri and hara for me minho is for SNSD's Yuri ! haha -- i prefer seungri for her 'cause they're close with each other !! in invincible youth.. they were ask to invite their friends by calling. she's trying to call seungri, but he wasn't answering.. but when Shinyoung called seungri.. he answered and he looked for Hara.. i think she wanted to talk to her waaaaaaaaa! haha
  6. haha ! yah .. agree maybe its her signature pose !!! pretty~~
  7. oh! cute pretty much !!!!! what to do? who is with?
  8. waaaaaaaaaaaa~ how cute hara is? haha! those smmiles made my day~ and oh! love those pre-debut photos thanks anyway for sharing!
  9. haha.. i'm curious about it ! lol. why does she always keep her ears ?
  10. haha.. funny Hara ! wow, love her smiles there ! she looks so cute ~ waaaaaaaaa~ Hara..
  11. haha.. it surprised me a little bit~! XD cute hara in everything she does !
  12. they have different eyes anyway.. i think she doesn't look like Sohee that much~
  13. yah yah yah !! that's also my favorite part in Mister~ kyaaaaaa! even though it's too short.. it's hot!
  14. awwww~ poor hara.. even though she injured herself.. she's the best out of the girls
  15. yeah yeah i know ! haha~ everybody wants her super sexy hair flips haha. even me.. it's one of my favorite steps in Lupin! i can't help but imitate Hara.. kyaaaaaa~
  16. lol i've watched this episode.. their with SHINee's Minho ! waaaaa~ one of the cutest guys in Korea she's so funny in that episode! Really funny
  17. her wonderful, powerful, cheerful and adorable SMILE it always makes my day Smiles with her eyesmile haha~ totally cute !
  18. cute as always.... GOO HARA ! love her lips.. REALLY! haha. she's cute in everyway ~
  19. not that much.. Min Hyorin really looks different there. kinda! but honestly, Hara is prettier than her
  20. waaaaaaaa ~ what to do? she's so Hot !! love the gifs.. thanks for sharing!!
  21. waaaaaa! haha, cute as always~ her smile makes my day ~ kyaaaaaaa.. how cute !
  22. oh, what an interesting topic enjoyed reading it Princess Goo haha !