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  1. it was fun reading this happy 4th anniversary karaholic
  2. The Accurseds and The Fallen's 6th is out. Please enjoy, thank you :)

  3. i really love speed up its a great song cant wait to hear the full version of the song and full pv now pls... i wish i could buy this but i have to wait for now... totally broke huhuhu
  4. The Accurseds and The Fallens Chapter 5 is out. Thank you! :)

  5. ^ hoping her partner would be a great pairing 4 her since they said it could be a mix o singers and actors it would be nice 4 her parner to be an actor
  6. the vid it went by so fast so watch carefully
  7. i would love that too 600k by mid jan is achievable i think we still have a few more year end shows that boast their sales fighting KARA and kamilia and general fans hahaha
  8. the vid is private but ah well i will find a way to watch this so cute and so charismatic i remember the old perf where nic's mic didnt work and how she relay that problem to the staff without missing a beat in her dancing is amazing
  9. last day sales 8,700 total 538,600 copies waiting for the bonus and then we will have this week sales though we already we are higher than last week sales already lol hahaha
  10. guess what? weekend sales + mustation has taken its effect sales for today still at #2 with 9,191 copies amazing so total would be total overall sales 530,900 total sales for this week ie 5th week 36,045
  11. jumped to no 2 and a raise to 7k today that's good
  12. day 30 7. 4,699 KARA Current total = 508,982 Current total for 5th week = 14,127