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  1. ^ The name of the show is completely slipping my mind right now ... ;; But it was the one with the cast of Nicole, Jaebeom, Hwangbo, Kim Jaedong, etc. Ah, I think it was called Nodaji. It didn't last very long, but I'm pretty sure that's where the connection is from. n_n
  2. Seriously, all hail. T___T <3 I love the elegance she's exuding! From the looks of the new teaser, Nicole's sporting extensions, so I wonder what look she's going to go with for promotions. O:
  3. Oh my gosh, I am so so so in love with how fierce Nicole looks in the teaser. Also, shorthair+bangs!Nicole is back and it makes me supper happy, because she's working it so hard. I love how her hair is styled in the GIF that goldfish524 posted the most, sajgsgsjgasg <3 There's literally no words to express how much I'm anticipating the album / MV / showcase / everything hnnnnn. T___T
  4. I wasn't really feeling the "Princess" teaser pic, simply because I'm not a huge fan of the soft/sad look on Nicole much. But I reallyreallyreally love this "Queen" pic, because it allows more charisma to shine through. The styling looks really nice as well, aesthetic-wise! c: I like how strong (?) her look (the crown, earrings, etc.) is, at least in comparison to the others. I'm wondering if she has a little ponytail tied in the back though, haha.
  5. hi, i wast just browsing in nic's sgb thread, and got through ur comment which is about jay's appearance, do u know what episode is that?

  6. kjsbgsdg, thank you so much for sharing the fancams. <3 Love Nicole's playful side. I think she liked having her hair down today, since she likes to tease with it a lot, hahah. Ruki } BEAST performed in the indoor studio while the girls were outside for that one. D: The girls could watch from the screen, though.
  7. With little context, I would assume he's talking about "popper" as a dancer that, well, utilizes the popping style? It would be so cool if that's right & it IS Cole that he's referring to. + Auuuugh, her mom is so cool. It's great of her to send a shout-out. (: Thanks for sharing the video!
  8. Nicole's new Twitter display picture. (: I guess this is from around when she tweeted that taking Polaroid pictures is fun, hahaha. She looks so pretty, as per usual.
  9. Cole, looking gorgeous in her dorky way as per usual. ~ I like that it looks like she's having fun. (: + She would probably have enjoyed the scenery, hahah. But, dang, those are some kill-heels she's sporting under that hanbok, lol.
  10. Happy Birthday (:

  11. Thanks for the caps, mae. (: It's nice to see Cole participating. <3 I mean, I don't expect to get x63246 more airtime right away but, I hope she's going to get a decent amount more on the next episode. Especially with a dance, hahah. <3 I still blame the producers for not engaging her in more activities / cutting her parts out or evs. They just let her ... sit there when the other girls play games. <:
  12. I haven't started looking for Ep. 5 yet, but -- From last week's preview, I don't think Nicole will be in there? T__T I saw Hongchul holding a cardboard cut-out thing of her. ): It was probably due to the activities in Japan. If it is like that, I'm not sure if she made it to the recording for E.6/7 either? ;;; I'm so happy for Kara in Japan, but I hope Nicole won't feel more awkward-ish on Heroes since she missed some of the 'bonding' time the other members shared. ):
  13. Way too much to expect, but I wish Nicole would upload sel-cas of the shoot. XD Thanks for all the translations, aank! (:
  14. Wow -- Am I the only one that finds ~5 years a suitable age gap ? Lol. Maybe it's how I was raised, but, yeah. XD I wonder what else Nicole expects from an 'ideal' guy. (:
  15. I was pretty surprised that Nicole started off by singing Rock U. I guess the KARA 4 days are, in a way, forbidden-ish? I want to her Cole sing her part in Break It & the rest. ): They didn't count all of her lines, but even if that amounted to really little, we all know that Nicole plays a vital part in Kara. C: I can't wait to see her on HahaMong show. ~ I hope she films more things before the Japan debut.