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  1. I wish she can exist in Japanese magazine more...
  2. Download Link ==> Preview:
  3. Download Link: Preview *sorry , maybe for some pages not scanned well... maybe my scanner is alr kinda old >_< *
  4. hope she will have more pages in fashion section .. >_<
  5. i am too old for this~~~

  6. do not know what went wrong actually XD

  7. i wonder if someone can hear this .. cause i can't T__T no sounds out?

  8. thank you for adding me as friend :) hi hi ~~~

  9. thank you KH family for the 5 stars :)

  10. Hara wore it for photo session.. and the other model i think it's for catalog.. of course Hara stands out cause of her shoulder pop out >__<
  11. i have the same problem with narkara.. but now i think it's alr fixed.. thank you ... i can see Jiyoung now...
  12. Blooming Radio soon will on air :P as usual , song only XD