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  1. aw you guys found my post. thanks! I really wish I could watch this fan meeting on the big screen (or better yet, in person). and sorry about the typo (the missing t in "event")
  2. omg thankyoooooooou so muchoooooo

  3. It's no bother. I'm glad to help. :)

    His name is Takezai Terunosuke. Here's the link to his official website: http://official.stardust.co.jp/takezai/profile.html

  4. helloooooo

    i'm pang. so i've been looking for jpn translator and the kh member suggested u. can i ask for ur help? i really want to know who played the robber in urakara ep10, and i found this

    urakara robber

    can u tell me who it is?

    sorry to bother u, thaaanks :D

  5. I'm going with Gyuri. I'd love to spend a day just hanging out with her at the mall or sitting on a couch watching TV, just a chill day in general. I'm sure doing ordinary things would become a laugh riot if I were doing them with Gyuri.
  6. I find Gyuri to be the funniest. She says things in such a clever way that makes me think "I wish I thought of that!" I also think she's an excellent story teller. Nicole is very quirky. I love all the weird stuff she says and does. Her thought process is unpredictable.
  7. I think Jumping was the first song I heard from them, but I didn't really get into them until I found out about Mister. That made me go back and watch all their videos. Then I went and watched clips from TV shows they were on and realized they were awesome off stage as well. ...and now here I am on this forum lol.
  8. The first video I saw was Jumping. Gyuri stood out to me because she was the only blonde one. I was like "damn." Then I saw Wanna and I saw Nicole and was like "damn." Gyuri is super hilarious and Nicole is the most adorable creature. I just can't get enough of the two. I love all of them, but Gyuri and Nicole have a special place in my heart.
  9. haha I love she bites a chunk off the Toblerone carelessly enough to get some foil in her mouth. Gosh, now I wish I had some chocolate here with me. Her fridge is epic.
  10. She's adorable and gorgeous at the same time. I esp like the last one where she's imitating Nicole, hand flapping and everything.
  11. I said Lupin because Gyuri looks great in anything, but she looks stunning in all black. And I think the strong image suits her more than the cute image. I also like her in Jumping.
  12. At first, I thought they were Gyuri's sisters for real, esp Yoo In Young. I would not have doubted it if someone told me they were related. I think it's the whole jawline and cheekbones.
  13. @ricardox Thanks a lot for the translation! Gyuri is the funniest! It's really cool that she's great with kids. Another reason to love her. I wouldn't mind her using my eyeballs as mirrors.
  14. That is hilarious. She is so adorable. I wish I was there sitting next to her in that classroom in all its awkwardness.
  15. Wanna, Jumping, and Break It are my top 3 most played. Wanna is my favorite because it's got awesome bass and the intro part is to die for.