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  1. I think the girls all want to get into top-notch shape for their comeback. Even though they looked good 4-5kg ago, they just want to lose that extra bit for some confidence, perhaps. Still, I think all the girls look good either way. Nicole, before or after, still just as adorable to me =3
  2. Style two! Hahaha, although I think short hair suits her very well, I'd love for her to grow out her hair again... and keep it straight. Thinks it looks really good on her.
  3. Fangirl all the way. Hahaha, I blame it on Nicole. She's too cute.
  4. I love her eyes the most. I love her eye-smiles... gah... they can make anyone fall for her. So cute. ^^;; But yeah... I love almost just about everything.
  5. Lee Minho... ^^;; maybe it's 'cause I just finished BoF and am in this period of fangirl-ness Still, I think they'd make a cute pair. They both look good with curly hair. xD Lol, jokes
  6. The Baby Blue! It's just a refreshing color for the group. Most of the time, they're dressed in either peach, white or pink. It's nice to see a different tone. Second of all, that dress looks absolutely gorgeous on her.
  7. For me, it's either 4 or 5. I think Seungyeon looks best with curly hair. And also, I really like it when her hair is brown instead of black. I think it fits her skin tone much better.
  8. I didn't realize... at first, I thought both pictures were of Hara But yeah, they look scarily similar ^^;; two beauties, hehehe..
  9. Aww.. I love dorky Hara Actually [insert anything] Hara is good. She's so adorable, she'd look good either way.
  10. She looks so pretty. I can totally picture her as a model, She has such good facial structure and figure.
  11. I don't know, there's something so homie about a girl who can bake. It just adds more to the cuteness. So awesome! Go Hara!!
  12. I think for someone as sweet as Hara, there needs to be someone sweet as well I think Wooyoung would go well with her. He has a nice personality... good dancer, good body. Plus, from their interactions, they looked very friendly. And they were so cute together! Kyah. ^^;;
  13. Gosh, I wish I looked like that without makeup. So jealous.. yet, so much <3! Definitely, a natural beauty! ^^;;
  14. She's slender and tall... I think she has the best figure in Kara (although Nicole comes very close... )
  15. Nice... Hara looks good in denims... Although, she'd probably look good in almost anything. Still, I prefer Hara with pretty dresses. Sigh... ^^;; she's like a doll. so gorgeous.
  16. Gosh, I never noticed it. Aww... but she's so cute when she puts her finger on her lower lip and semi-pouts. xD kyah... (and thus, a stalker was born)
  17. I really like Hara with brown hair. I think this makes her look cuter than before. Hahaha, more doll-like too. xD
  18. Either Hara or Nicole. Hara, because I always pick Hara. I'm a shameless Haraholic... so I'd love to spend a day with her. Nicole, I picked for good reason. She seems like the most fun and energetic one in the group. I think a day with her would be THE best. ;P
  19. It was Hara. I was browsing through some news stuff, and came across a picture of Kara. The person I felt stood out the most was Hara. And after that, I did a little searching and officially became a Karaholic.
  20. To me, the first that comes to mind is Gyuri. Although I think Seungyeon attracts the boys, I don't think she'll be one to settle down early... Gyuri comes to mind for some reason
  21. I think the cutest outfits go to Hara... then Seungyeon. And think for worst, it's between Nicole and Gyuri... although I voted for Gyuri because I think overall, she gets the worst...
  22. SS501! I think those guys would go well with Kara! Actually, for 2pm, I prefer 2pm with SNSD... I'm not sure why. :/
  23. Hara... Because I'm such a shameless Haraholic... >.< And also because she's so adorably cute, I'd love her as a model... ^^;;
  24. For me, sexiest definitely goes to Nicole. She's just got the whole package... she's spunky and she can dance so well. For prettiest, definitely Hara. I think she has the very traditional beauty with her big eyes and great facial structure And cute, it doesn't get any cuter than maknae JiYoung.
  25. I think the girls look the best in white... it also gives them a very clean image. But I voted for orange... because for me, I think the nature of the color orange is often a very fun color... enthusiastic.. and sometimes overlooked because of red and yellow, the primaries. That kind of fits Kara... because they're such a fun and energetic group, but they're sometimes overlooked between SNSD and Wonder Girls.