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  1. Wow.. she's so nice in real life. I wish I was that guy beside her.. holy crapballs.. my eyes would bleed if I see her up close that long! I never for once thought that her personality in variety shows is her real one. I'm glad someone uploaded these fancams.. Gyuri is so sweet.
  2. I like Gyuri because she's beautiful. Seriously, have you seen anyone this beautiful in your life? I mean some of the girls I've seen.. once they go in a photo.. you think to yourself.. wth happened? I also like the fact that she's so arrogant. It drives me wild.
  3. Spazz

    Hahaha.. I've never seen that expression before. I'd like to see that ep as well. I'm dying to know where the gif in your signature is from. Man I need to have that.. bad!
  4. Wow.. is this photoshop'd? It looks so real. She looks exactly like a goddess in this one! Holy smokes!
  5. Same #3.. long straight hair suits her best. The short one makes her look a bit silly.. haha
  6. She looks pretty in any and every picture I've seen of her to date. Were there ever any bad ones? I think Gyuri would have to give up that Goddess routine if Sunghee ever returned.. I mean this girl doesn't even need to stare at a mirror to know she's pretty allll around. Well I'm not dissing Gyuri.. I think both of them are very pretty!
  7. First impression.. most beautiful girl on the planet. Must have fell from the sky or not from this planet, you know? She's the one that drawn me towards KARA. Gyuri mom from URAKARA FTW
  8. WOW!!!!!!!! It'd be so cute if they took the pic together!!! Taeyeon looks as dorky as usual with the camera and pose Jiyoung just looks plain adorable.
  9. wow.. HARA stands out so much in this! I'm so impressed! This girl is so beautiful! Don't really care about the phone though.. since I already dropped a bloody load on an unlocked nexus already.
  10. I noticed such a big shift in Nicole's musicvideos/live performances.. versus these variety show events (as well as URAKARA).. she always look sexy as hell in the live performances but cute as hell in these other shows.. it's mind boggling! I do prefer her on the variety shows more tho.. CUTE is just that awesome
  11. Wow.. for a girl who wakes up extra early.. to EAT.. and a girl who loves food so much, she really takes care of her body!
  12. Or sleeping! (if you are talking soshi) But yea, Hara is so damn cute no matter what she does! Definitely liking this!
  13. she looks like a doll! such a cute face with big pretty eyes.. man I need to get this ep asap!
  14. Does it really have to be leaders that get paired up? I mean if we are talking about After School, I think Nana and Gyuri together would make men lose their minds! I also wouldn't mind Gyuri being SNSD's 10th member for a day and doing the RDR, Genie, Mr. Taxi dances.. likewise, it'd be cool for Taeyeon to do Lupin or Mister!! WOOT!
  15. This ep was so hilarious! I loved it when she got sprayed with water.. and they compared her looks to some white chick! I guess that's how beautiful she is. Of course, the chocolate game was hilarious as well. I'd eat the thing at the same speed so I can hopefully catch some lip.
  16. Thank you so much! Been wanting this song as a ringtone for a while now!
  17. Yea I saw the clip during the airing of the SSP Ep 257 with jokwon, beg and kara. She tried so hard in that race LOL! It was really cute, even the falling moment . They also mentioned that apparently she's also very strong..
  18. SNSD's Taeyeon is like a rounder shorter version of Sunghee in terms of looks and singing capability. Don't you think? I think both of them would be cute together if they ever took a photo together.
  19. Oh man.. this is my hope! Though now that I know she's married.. I'll always be a bit disappointed! HAHA! She's seriously beautiful with the most amazing voice, it would be such a boost for KARA in terms of literally everything! This would be the most beautiful girl group ever assembled!
  20. Wow.. that first image.. holy cow! My jaw dropped and I can't close it back up. I'd love to know if she ever showed an "aegyo" moment in any show.. I would really want to see that badly! She's a bit reserved when it comes to acting cute. Tho.. I like when she covers her face when she experiences an embarassing moment.. like Happy Together ep 178.. chocolate cookie game! HAHAHAHA.. i laughed so hard.. at the same time, so jealous of that dude.. man I'd do that the same.. bite as fast as possible and hopefully catch some lip! LOL!
  21. Wow, she looks soooo similar to Yoo In Young. This would be one hell of a family.. complete gorgeous! That being said, Gyuri's beauty clearly overshadows them all. She is the true goddess amongst the three sisters
  22. She's one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen. Some kpop stars are unrecognizable without any make up. She's not only recognizable but beautiful while at it! Truly worthy of the goddess title! Poor girl needs more sleep tho.. without makeup, you can see the baggy eyes Makes me sad a little.
  23. I love this confident side of Gyuri.. I also like the Gyuri-mom side we see of her in urakara. O man.. she drives me crazy! I can't believe no one raised their hands.. I would've raised both plus feet and everything!
  24. with a mug and girlish behaviour like that.. i might kiss her even with full knowledge she might be a dude.. HAHA (or not..)
  25. This girl is so beautiful. I saw that one where she was wearing glasses in a radio show.. man that was boss.