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      Hey Karaholic! Since all of the members are now with different agencies, we thought it'd be appropriate to create new subforums so members can stay in touch with their activities. Please try to post here from now on with future updates and events.  Here are the new subforums we've created:
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  1. FAQ

    Thanks so much for the compilation of info to keep fans updated amidst the numerous reports going around where some might even be exaggerated content to mislead people. Appreciate it and lets hope that a positive outcome can be reach soon.
  2. I have always thought that Kara suited Japan but that is just my personal opinion and to see them getting so much love way more than i expected, it is just amazing. My friend who went to Japan awhile ago told me that he saw the girls pictures being put up in numerous places, although i wasn't there to see it myself it just put a smile on my face knowing that. Anyway, all the best to Kara in the upcoming year be it activities in Japan or Korea. Thanks for translating (:
  3. I haven been logging in a lot lately so i was pleasantly surprise when i logged in yesterday to a brand new layout and i have to say its gorgeous. The sliding header is awesome, great job to the staff (:
  4. They are making a come back soon, i wonder what kind of concept and song genre they will be going for this time around. Really excited for it, i just hope they would not be too exhausted with promotions in both Japan and Korea. Can't wait for end of September now1
  5. They do deserve the bigger dorm for all their hard work but there are so many memories in that old dorm and i really like it since it has the cozy feel. I wonder who will be the 2 who will be sharing a room together? I'm sure it will be out sooner or later seeing they will be asked on it when they have their comeback during interviews or radio.
  6. Dang, i love the new hairstyle of Nicole, it makes her look hot as for Seungyeon, unlike many i actually prefer her with her long hair. I have never been a fan of MVs so it was okay to me, what i was really anticipating was the dance moves and from what i have seen i'm not too sure if it will beat the butt dance but i'll hold my final judgment on that till i get to see the whole routine when they have their comeback stage. I hope they wear the black outfits cause i like it better than the white one.
  7. Album

    This is just plainly my opinion so i hope people don't get offended or what not. The only 2 songs that i really like are Lupin and Lonely and even for the latter for me, its not exactly the most powerful ballad song to showcase their vocals. As for the other songs, they are the usual kara style of songs, my feelings on those songs are just average. But i'm still very excited and looking forward to see their comeback stage, Lupin beats are awesome and with some killer dance moves the song will be a huge success. Actually i'm sure the song is already a big hit since its climbing up the music charts.
  8. I thought it would be some plagiarizing issue when i first saw the title. Since the teaser, full song and album release dates were made known first, my initial reaction was that they would be coming back on the 19 on music bank, back it was later announced that it was on the 25th which kinda surprised me a little since it seems like a really long time. I can understand fans wanting to purchase the album later so it will increase the chances for Kara to win at music bank but in my opinion maybe they should not have request for those who have already reserved the album since its a little too late to rectify it. Oh well, hopefully nothing will get blown up and i do belief that Kara will be able to grab some awards even without all the strategic planning of buying, the teaser already sound awesome and i can't wait to see their comeback stage.
  9. The teaser was better than what i expected though i could only recognize Hara, Nicole and Gyuri. They have matured from their previous concepts and that's not a bad move. As for the teaser song so far, i think the beat is really good and i'm hoping for some awesome dance moves and not just some simple dance steps.
  10. The teaser will be release tml, its so near yet so far. Will be in school when they release it at 1pm korean time though T.T I'm really excited for this comeback since i love their new concept look but the comeback stage seemed so far still with 2 weeks more.
  11. So that's what the concept is about? It sounds really refreshing as its a new concept for Kara that i have yet to seen. I love the photos that have been revealed so far, i'm having high expectations for this song and i can't wait to hear the teaser that will be released soon. I'm so curious on how it will sound like *anticipating*
  12. I'm really anticipating Kara's comeback. Excited to see what their new concept would be, the last time i read it was something strong so i'm really looking forward to it and it would mean new songs to listen to.
  13. ROFL This story is EPIC but i don't think i should be laughing so much seeing i'm shorter than them but still Seungyeon saying that she figured it out that they could sit horizontal was so cute!!
  14. I have always wanted one of the kara members to go on FO. Wish come true now with Nicole making an appearance along with Fany. I can imagine them speaking to each other in english. I'm super excited for their episode and can't wait to watch it.
  15. I knew that Hara was friend with Seungri i remember them high5 with each other before, but i didn't know she and Minzy were friends as well. Didn't spot any interactions between them before on shows and i can't wait to watch this to find out the misunderstanding that Hara and Nicole used to have.