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  1. Thank you so much! Your dedication is always appreciated
  2. omoooo there's a lot of Hammie moments that made us fall for her over & over again just to name a few 1. Hammie slaying 'two of us' choreo (and basically everytime she dances is a true hamtastic moment) 2. Run the world performance! 3. her pandora & mamma mia bridge part ( amazing!! ) 4. and GUILTY. no explanation I'll try posting more with videos next time hee^_^
  3. her 'two-of-us' dance practice is also amazing!!! she was literally the only one who was on point the whole choreography despite being with 4minute and t-ara~ she's amazing!!!!
  4. ^ LOL, exactly, I was wondering why she showed her muscles, I think it's cute ^w^ Thank you for sharing the translation! Can't wait for the other parts~~
  5. I love how they consoled us on twitter, it doesn't matter how much they win on shows or how high they rank, they are just happy that they can see us again and even thanked us for our support, i'm gonna cry now
  6. The english sub has already been released at dramafever but i can't watch it because it's not available in my country, but I'm sure it will get uploaded sooner or later at kbs world's official youtube, we'll just have to wait~ @osbmandark lol! you are so lucky~i wish i could meet them too~~
  7. I don't think they are abandoning korea~They have lots of fans in Japan and I'm sure they just want to see them, isn't it amazing that they are working very hard going back to back from Korea to Japan to meet their fans? and even if you read this article here: http://onehallyu.com/index.php?/topic/96824-star-qa-gyuri-i-want-to-get-rid-of-prejudices-against-kara/ KARA wanted fans to believe that they are not just focusing in Japan but also in Korea, and they worked really hard to prove that, I just think that they have great responsibility towards their fans and their title as 'hallyu stars' and KARA would get more exposure for their group especially now YoungJi's with them so I don't think it's a bad thing, Let's just support them wherever they are
  8. CONGRATS KARA!!!! WE ARE SO PROUD & HAPPY They even kept their promise and bowed I hope KARA gets more win, and even if they don't I hope they'll get to be more successful in many many maanyy years to come! Btw, I noticed that the floor is quite slippery, very dangerous
  9. I LOVE THIS SONG!! Every song they are releasing is a new favorite! I just can't thank you so much for sharing! Their voices here are so beautiful even maknae Youngji!! Totally love this song
  10. Right now I would love them doing an unplugged stage like what ultraman88 said, that would be amazing~ They would sing an acoustic version of 'Mammamia' or they could sing 'Story' or all acoustic version of their songs in their day&night album I would love them doing covers too but I would love it more if they sang their own songs we haven't seen them perform yet
  11. ^ Exactly! Her low voice is amazing, I remember her singing in '1000 songs challenge' and she sings the old songs so perfectly! There are so many great singers out there but few put emotions in their singing and I think Hammie always deliver her emotions in every song she sang, be it sad or happy, and it's just so amazingly perfect
  12. Positive comments from knetizens never fails to surprise me, I guess KARA is just too awesome the power of KARA!
  13. I agree. As much as I love the girls killing the tights (You go girls!) I would like it more if they wore more colors like 80's themed colors to fit the song~That should be fun to watch But I'm happy to say that MAMMAMIA definitely exceeded my expectations!! All the positive reviews really overthrows any negative comments for me since I don't want to get my hopes up but KARA is receiving lots of love and YoungJi too~The girls are definitely back to stay! Like what nightvisiongoggles said KARA is truly an amazing group, they truly are the perfect example of 'comeback' - putting all their struggles and hardships to rest and prove that they are a truly successful group. Their 'comeback' is definitely in a whole new level. The fact that they are putting a lot of hard work going to japan again and going through lots of schedule just shows how much they care about us Kamilias, they are so admirable and I think no other groups can do what KARA does, KARA is one-of-a-kind Regarding about Young Ji's closeness with the other members, she always says 'unnie' in her interviews so I assumed she relies her unnies a lot so I was happy to hear that~I'm really looking forward to see more of their interactions
  14. It's on their mamma mia showcase, you can watch it here http://www.melon.com/video/detail.htm?mvId=50127558&ref=twitter at melon~ It's really weird listening to the korean version after listening to the japanese version for so long, lol