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  1. i love cole's sparks fly and hammie's duet with daybreak.. the first part of jumping niigata is epic.. thank you very much
  2. this is a big opportunity, though only a minor role.. at least cole now has a feel of how it is like working on the big screen with big-time artists.. little by little, she's gathering the experience that she can use for bigger roles in the future.. so happy for our cori..
  3. for me, they don't need those awards to prove that they are one of the best.. but i know that it will mean a lot for the girls, that's why im hoping that they get one.. this should serve as an eye-opener to those award-giving bodies.. Kara is getting bigger and bigger, and you can't constantly deny them something that they deserve to have.. and to think, this came from someone that is not a Kamilia tells us that there are others who also see how unfair they are treated in their own country.. i can't really blame those who say that they should just stay in Japan.. because we can really see the difference on how they are treated there.. those award-giving bodies should remember this:
  4. lol.. and hammie is a self-confessed fashion terrorist.. anyways, congrats to our girls
  5. goodluck!! i know you will succeed because you're really working hard.. just don't overwork yourselves.. your health should always be your top priority.. and stay humble as you always are.. we are always here to support you.. Kara and Kamilia, fighting!!
  6. i think it's too early to compare IY1 and IY2.. i watched IY1 only because of hara.. the only episodes i skipped are those without her on the show.. i tried watching it, but i just can't finish the whole episode.. it's so boring for me without her.. as for season 2, so far so good for jing.. she did well in the first episode.. and she dominated the 2nd episode.. i hope she continue like that.. nicole went to yuchi-ri during IY1 and so did jing when they are harvesting.. it will be great if anyone of her unnies can visit jing this time.. if they can all visit, then it will be great.. but i'm afraid, if five of them will be together, knowing their variety show skills, they will turn IY2 into their own show.. lol as for season 3, again, it's too early.. let's enjoy watching jing first on season 2
  7. dude here too.. i'm not expecting anyone, whoever matches with me among our girls will be fine and i got jiyoung.. well, i'm the maknae among our circle of friends here in our work.. but i don't get angry easily.. in fact, my hyungs are the one getting annoyed when i start to bully them.. hahaha.. does that make me jiyoung-alike? lol
  8. gyul's still busy on her musical.. i also wish for her to be on a show, but after 200-lbs.. they're all busy, our girls obviously need rest..
  9. i watched IY1 because of Hara.. when they announced that IY2 will not bring her back, i thought that there will be no reason for me to watch it.. then rumors of hammie joining made me excited.. finally the final casts were revealed and jing is on the list.. i was so excited i made it sure i wouldn't miss the first episode.. 11:00pm my eyes were already glued on tv.. 11:15 it started.. from the start, jing's already on fire, just like hara did in IY1.. i watched the whole episode though i didn't understand some of it.. now i'm excited for the next episode.. can't wait to see our giant baby in action again
  10. im glad that DSP get them a training first before accepting offers.. our girls are one of the most sought-after among idols, and i would not be surprised if offers for dramas are coming from everywhere
  11. and now add Winter Magic to the list.. it's climbing on the chart again now that winter is approaching.. Step also did well, it even topped the weekly download chart.. plus Step and Winter Magic were in the top 10 at the same time in ringtone downloads.. so yes, that's 4.35 million and counting.. let's just thanks the Japanese fans for all their support for our girls..
  12. thanks a lot.. i really love this song.. and one of kara member sang it, our ever-smiling hamster, then i'll love it even more
  13. will they include STEP's sale in Japan? if that's so, then the sales should be over 120k now.. wow!! congrats