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  1. That blender looks like it came from the future to unleash its wrath on human-kind. Must have some sort of a neural net processor and shat: ; a learning blender. Out to get us, one smoothie at a time. If some of you lack understanding of Korean culture, these videos aren't meant to actually promote Korean (south corea is best corea) culture to foreigners BUT to announce to the Koreans how ultimately superior everything Korean is compared to the damn evil foreigners who speak an inferior language and use funky different letters (they have a huge inferiority complex due to being kicked the shat out of them by their neighbors, one reason they totally isolated themselves from the world until the 80's, which is why they're a bit stuck behind the times culturally). If they were actually concerned about promoting Korea to foreigners they'd have let Nicole speak in English and show something actually interesting about Korea (hurray you can fry stuff in a pan (OMGGG!) and mix some bad tasting roots in a big ugly blender, sure that'll catch the attention of people). Koreans think that their food is superior to western food cause the only western food Koreans care about is Fast Food. Heck if all western food would be bad and fatty we'd all look like Sumo wrestlers and die at 50. If Koreans are good at something, then it is self love. The internet is filled with blogs about this, go find them. ps. Nicole is pretty as usual.
  2. It's interersting that Nicole tweets mostly in Korean but Min from Miss A mostly in English. Perhaps Min is more popular internationally?
  3. Spazz

    lol when did the girls turn into D-cups. Those pics are totally over-edited. ghdfgerte
  4. Your the only one with the problem. Make sure that the file size matches the file size of all the hlsplit files. Then you know that you have combined all the files. Make also sure when combining that all the files have the same name.

  5. Spazz

    No need to view spoilers yet, translation is already on http://www.kshownow.net/
  6. Wow Jehova's witnesses. I don't have problems with most religions but cults on the other hand... I find rather distasteful. They can barely be considered Christian not to mention they have no respect for my wishes to sleep past 10 am on Sundays. Btw. JW is illegal in some countries, seems like a less scammy scientology. I can understand why it might interfere with becoming an idol and now it makes much more sense why she got married so young. For a longer list of religious non-sense Jehovah's Witnesses. Armageddon, no rights for gays, male entitlement, consider themselves above everybody hence "limit their social interaction with non-Witnesses", "Jehovah's Witnesses consider the Bible to be scientifically and historically accurate and reliable and interpret much of it literally" and refuse blood transfusions. What I'm surprised is that she somehow became an idol in the first place. It would seem that her religion would prohibit it. Can't say that I hate her but this does reflect negatively on her. These kinds of folks tend to be the non-negotiable types. All hail common sense ps. Thanks for informing us, I always did wonder what exactly happened. ps. ps. If somebody is a offended, feel free to condemn me to hell all you want. All I gave you is the truth.
  7. I think Korean eyeglasses are horrible. They are all too large. They remind me of my grannie. It seems a lot of Koreans use them sometimes. Does the whole country have horrible eyesight?
  8. I had not noticed it at all. I think Nicole does it more and is more cuter at it.
  9. Daebak. Well at least she can wear normal hats unlike pea-head Hammie whose head is too small.
  10. Hehehehee this reminds me of the happy together episode where all of her sleeping habits came out.
  11. FAQ

    Way to go, I can use these on other forums. Since I can't decide which to use I will make an animated gif out of them.
  12. lol at the title. They became "female models", it would be quite difficult for them to become male models wouldn't it?
  13. Sweet, i have always admired her voice. I wonder if it is in a high or lower pitch. Shame the utub link is down.
  14. Waaaah she is starting to look anorexic in that picture. It might even effect her growth since she is still so jung (kekeke pun).