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  1. I would so support but I'm not going to this show... I'm saving money for trips and other concerts. GL to all you Kamilias fighting for our girls!! I hope you guys win the chance to meet them personally^O^
  2. I have been searching for this for so long!! Thank you for uploading!
  3. This has definitely made my day a little brighter^^ I can't wait for the photorxn!
  4. Lol! I actually know very little Japanese but I am trying to improve so I can read it. I already have two other books that I bought in Japanese that I have yet to read. This will just be another book on that wait list^^
  5. Yet another notch added onto hammie's repertoire! I absootively-posilutely love this!! thank you thank you!
  6. oh! hmmm well it would be nice to know all sides rather than what was posted online. Thanks! I might just have to check it out then
  7. what up! thanks for the add!

  8. Hello, so I been coming across and been pondering about this book that Kara will be putting out in Japan called "Kara Memoirs." Does anyone know anything about this product? what is it about?
  9. Most interesting! I esp liked the mix of Jumping with I think some beats from Step. The overall performance was very delightful! Hara's solo was very very enticing. The effects along with her outfit was awe-inspiring
  10. I was afraid I was the only whoever had a dream like that... here's my dream about seungyeon if anyone is interested: "OMG I had the craziest most wonderful dream last night!!! I dreamt about Seungyeon and I at the age of 16 or 17. She looked very small but cute. She was with her mom and dad but they too looked really young and warm. Well, when the dad saw me he was a little scary, but overall it was a good vibe. What had happened that day was I had run into her at a dept store and we were going to the same school, so we had already known each other previously. We were busy chopping it up about school and then what came up was that she was having a special dinner for her birthday. Later on in the day, I visited her at her place and that's when the dilemma began. I noticed that she had a boyfriend. The bad part was that her boyfriend was one of my friends. I felt so torn by the predicament that I thought I just had to do something to win her over. No offense to my friend of course. A lot of oddball situations ensued and before I could see the end of whether or not I was able to win seungyeon's heart I woke up... I was so upset but yet happy it was all a dream. I wish I had really met her and known her from high school but as fate would have it that would not be the case. It felt so surreal but what made it a trip was that I did not even realize it was seungyeon until near the end of the dream when I was waking up. I usually tell better dreams than this but it was shrot notice and I am at work too so I couldn't spend too much time writing about this one. I really hope to meet all of KARA at their concert esp Ham Ham!! Happy New Year everyone!!"
  11. OMG!!! there is not enough words in the english dictionary to describe how excited I am for the girls!! I really uber wish this concert was in the summer or fall because I'll done and all graduated by then... if worse comes to worse I may just have to come over there for the concert. I want to do it BIG this year!! No Regrets!!!! Go KARA!!
  12. I've never seen any of these pics but now I need more!! keep up the hard work PI's!
  13. So can't wait! It's almost here but not quite there. I will probably be on a Kara-day when this comes out for a while d(^^)b
  14. How would I be able to buy a limited edition CD tomorrow? is it possible online? I really super want to buy that one!! I can't wait until they make their comeback performance!! They come back near my birthday!! If only they could have waited until the 8th, but they have been gone for too long. I'm happy they are almost ready!!