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  1. Hello everyone ! This is my first topic ! Firstly i want to make sure to you all that i'm not trying to bash Hara or Kara ! I'm a Kara supporter since november 2010 ! This is by Hara charm that i discovered Kara ! I love Hara ! I like her personnality , her joy !! I always find her very beautifull ! But i noticed a big change in her nose since these year ! I know she said before ( in Strong Heart) that she had Fillers injection in her nose at her debut ! She said it was her Boss request ! But these year , since the debut of her drama city hunter , i noticed that her nose was higher and more open than before !I want to ask Hara fans , if i am the only one , who see this change in her appearance ! I'm sorry for asking this , but i kept thinking about it since many months , i'm very unforcomfortable now when i see Hara !! Here a picture from 2009: And here is a picture from august 2011 : I can't help but noticed how much , we can see her nostrils now , more than before ! I'm very sad about that , because i think if she really did something , this is because she don't like her nose ! But to me and you Hara fans , her nose was fine ! Nobody in this world is perfect ! So please can you all , share with me your thoughts and your opinions !
  2. Yay Seungyeon fighting ! Thank you for sharing !
  3. great ! thank you for sharing with us ! now i can understand it !
  4. These people who are judging doesn't have any heart ! What is their problem , crying is an emotional and human feeling ! Kara members are very sincére , they're not fake ! FIGHTING MY SWEETY SEUNGYEON !
  5. thank you so much for sharing with us ! kara love !
  6. OK !! THIIS IS GREAT !!!! Thank you so much for sharing ! I was waiting for this interview to be subbed !
  7. Thank you so much for translating this interview ! I am hungry for even more Kara interviews :tongue: Also i have to say , i was shocked and touched by the old couple love for Kara ! This is what they do , they gives love ! Kara Jang !
  8. Thank you so much for sharing with us ! It was intersting to my girls in a show game again ! But i really wish to see Kara together in Dream Team and running man too ! That will be so cool ! =D
  9. Thank you so much for sharing with us ! This was so cute , the way seungyeon say in french " viens ici " ! Because i'm a french girl , so i'm very happy to hear that !
  10. Wow thank you so much for sharing ! I agree it must have been so much fun during the practice , seungyeon was so shy ! I hope , he treat her vey well , she's my cutie ! And i loved their show of bubble ! And i'm so happy to hear seungyeon singing the "a whole new world" , her voice was so sweet ! I like taesung voice too , his voice was a surprise to me ! Their voices was a beautifull match !
  11. Thank you so much for sharing ! Frankly i'm not very happy when they perform only at 4 ! Gyuri is irreplaceable ! She is a main needed singer ! And yes CONGRATULATION TO OUR FIVE WONDERFUL GIRLS FOR WINNING MANY AWARDS !!
  12. Thank you so much for sharing with us ! Tonight is the Birth of the Lord Jesus Christ ! So red4summer , i wish you a Merry Christmas Eve and a beautifull Christmas Day ! God Bless You !
  13. ">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="566" height="345"> Its not that i don't like Hara anymore , its just that i'm very disappointed ! Because all the jealous haters who accuse her of plastic surgery , can only rejoy with what she has done to her nose now ! This bugs me , because i can't defend her like before ! In fact the first picture i posted , the change was really obvious but the dimension was not accepted for the forum ! But please take a look at the video i posted above of City Hunter press conference , when Hara was being interviewed with lee minho ! Honestly you can't deny that her nose was not like that , when she was smiling before Here is another pic :
  14. Thank you so much for sharing ! Stay with me They are indeed five lovely brides ! I like their oufits , this is beautifull but simple ! I think Gyuri was singing live , she is tired but she is strong too!
  15. Thank you for sharing this with us ! They are indeed so cute and funny !
  16. I love it !! Their oufits are so beautifull ! Thank you for sharing ! I'm proud of Gyuri , she is very busy , but she was singing live !
  17. Thi is already deleted ! But Yeah , Red4summer posted another ! Thank you very much for sharing !
  18. Lol Gyuri was doing the dj ! Thank you so much for sharing all these videos ! Their performance was Great ! I love these girls !
  19. I'm glad that they finally participate in this show ! But i don't want snsd in their team !! I hope txvq and Kara will rock together ! Thank you for sharing !
  20. Thank you for sharing ! I loved it , it was a very beautifull Cf ! Hara was very present in it , she is my cutie , but i wished all kara was there !
  21. These girls always makes me smile too ! They are all so cute and sincere ! They're all just natural cutie and talent ! Thank you so much for sharing with us these clips !
  22. Thanks harbag for the info ! Thank you all for sharing !
  23. Thank you for sharing this new performance with us ! I love both songs ! Sadly the first vid was already deleted !
  24. Great ! Thank you so much for sharing ! I'm a bit sad because Gyuri wasn't there !