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  1. Wow, werid angels. Where was the fan siiting? It's like they were literally on top of the stage looking down.
  2. Goodbye stages already. Feels like they just came back but they can use the rest while they prepare for their Japan debut. EDIT: Just read that the 3 music shows might get cancelled again. Well music bank is cancelled for sure, the other 2 might follow.
  3. Album

    Music bank perf was definitely better. Something I look out for the most is when Hara does her hair flip thing. Every time that part comes up, I just can't help but think that if Seungyeon was any slower at turning her head, she would get wack by Hara's hair. But we know how in sync the girls are so that will never happen, hopefully. Looking forward to music core and inkigayo. Congrats to Kara for debuting on K-chart at number 4!
  4. I heard mnet was building a new building for m!countdown, let's hope they also have a new sound system. That aside, YAY! Their coming back a day early.
  5. Looking good, but teaser pics are always misleading. They're never what we think it's gonna be. But I can't wait for more to be release.
  6. haha. that got me really LOL. so funny they thought the same and got the same injuries.
  7. Hopefully something like the picture. Hip-hopish yet still classy. =)
  8. haha. cute message from 501 oppas. it would be cool if kara actually bought them a private jet after they pay back their loan. lol.
  9. KBS gayo shows isn't as fun or entertaining as SBS or MBC every year. But atleast KARA is attending all 3 this year.
  10. Just watch episode 3 (thanks SweetMelodix!!) and wanted to comment =) The interview part was funny because they didn't ask anything about working or bakery related. The guys showed off their talents more. Gyuri and her guy is so cute together. How old is he? It felt like they were on a date rather than a mission to seek for interior stuff. haha. The car ride is just <3! Team Seungyeon seem to get along the most. Team Hara seemed kindof awkward and they didn't talk much. Team Jiyoung is just plain funny. lol. sad they had to walk and take a bus but that is alittle better than riding in the production car with all those people and a driver who didn't listen. haha. can't wait to watch more.
  11. that was funny how the mblaq guy peeked to see who it was then slammed the door. haha. people were saying at allkpop that he might of thought it was fans so he got scared since they had a incident with some fans before. i wonder if they visited u-kiss too since eli said/tweet they were waiting for kara to arrive.
  12. so cute of Hara to 'steal' their new album. lol. if she took/has a copy of it then it means they are done with everything-recording the songs and the photoshoot. whoo! excited for the new album.
  13. I knew something was up when I watched it, just didn't know what. lol. poor Nicole. I wonder who the male celebrity is. I loved Nicole's hair though. =) The toothpaste story is funny.
  14. ^ i was thinking it's an idol too since she said
  15. Congrats to KARA! When I saw the list for Take7 I didn't think they will win since they were up against strong groups. But I'm happy they won. Just that a certain fan group keeps commenting unecessary things on youtube.
  16. I love how she always have a good comeback, a confident one too, at everything. and that's so cute of Seungyeon to raise her hand.
  17. hahahaha, this was my favorite part out of this episode. she even got his face expression down. lol.
  18. I always been a fan of leader rapping since the brown eye cover. I hope they will let her rap a bit during the again & again perf this sunday.
  19. It really looks like a hand to me. I know people are saying that it's just Ji Young's hand folding and unfolding but when you fold your hand like that don't your fingers come all the way back or atleast to the middle of your palm since she was trying to grab Nicole. Idk, but the other hand like came at a angle, like when two people shake hands. It's amazing how netizens saw this though.
  20. i'm so excited for their comeback. they weren't kidding when they said more mature. they all look great but too much photoshop on jing. i think that is gyuri's real hair length too. the response on soompi is great too, usually it's pretty negative.
  21. thank you!
  22. thank you!
  23. I can't wait for their comeback too. Mid July seem so far away but then I think they chose a good time to comeback. Soshi will be half way through their promotions and hopefully the hype of 2ne1 and 4 minutes will be tone down and BANG! Kara is back.
  24. Don't you guys think Chung Lim and AJ (second row, last guy) look alike? haha. Anyways, I noticed that Kara members likes to paint their nails pastel colors and a different color per nail. Seems like Lee Sungjin gets/understand nicoles way of talking. he always gets it pretty quick.
  25. Happy Birthday to you too! ^__^