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  1. Happy Birthday scotty!!

    Have a nice day~~

  2. And this is why I love Seungyeon! She inspires me a whole lot now to make me reach my dreams as well! KARA jjang!!
  3. Lupin for sure! It's so fierce, and it makes me wanna get ready for a final dance battle! YEEOWW!
  4. Aww jeez... cute and natural look almost as if she just woke up Eye smiles<3
  5. Sweet! A devoted Christian, into cooking, baking, and Shinhwa! If only I could meet her and had a chance at dating her lol...
  6. Man oh man... Hara KILLS me! Cuteness overload = brain meltdown.
  7. Simply everything about her. Her aegyo kills me though! Although this is old...
  8. Rock U, U Go Girl, Wanna and Mister. There's this other one from the Chuseok Special were they filmed KARA at their old dorm. Her hair looked really cute in that.
  9. Gyaahhh~ I just wanna hug her and squeeze her cheeks LOL! ... Such a cutie!
  10. Whoa. That's the first time I've seen Goddess make a mistake! So cuuuuute though! Lol Jiyoung also! 2 for 1, but both so cute!
  11. I don't really know about the others, but I'm sure Heechul is a close match for Gyuri. Both are definitely confident about themselves, lol.
  12. Those 3 gif images make me blush so ferkin' hard. It's like, her Goddessness is so powerful, it goes through my screen and make my eyes want to look down.
  13. I was in a daze just by looking at her pics. Had I met her in person, I'd be, oh man... Goddess Gyuri<3
  14. ^I know right! 1st person I thought of was Seungyeon, and next was the snow scene by Hara. She even took a hard fall when running in a race. Makes me cringe: Has the other 3 ever fell before? Hope not. KARA jjang!
  15. Whoa... must... replace my Sennheiser's for these. I wonder if they come in a different color.