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      Hey Karaholic! Since all of the members are now with different agencies, we thought it'd be appropriate to create new subforums so members can stay in touch with their activities. Please try to post here from now on with future updates and events.  Here are the new subforums we've created:
      Park Gyuri: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/158-park-gyuri-solo-activities-motion-media/
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      Jung Nicole: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/160-jung-nicole-solo-activities-b2m/
      Kang Jiyoung: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/161-kang-jiyoung-solo-activities-sweetpower/ For Youngji, we've opted to leave the forum as is as she is still with DSP Media.  Thanks for your attention, hope you continue to drop by and visit.. new members and old! 

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  1. Nicole looks so good. *o* And awwww yes, a decent quality audio teaser! Nicole sounds lovely. ;o;/ Can't wait to hear the whole thing, it sounds really fun! And the other songs, as well~~
  2. Spazz

    I know I'm a little late, but Seungyeon did the voice-over for MK in that Epic movie? (Or was it just like a promotion?) ;o; Oh wow! I didn't know that~ I watched the Epic movie a few weeks ago actually, with my nieces and nephews LOL it was such a cute movie. I enjoyed it! What a coincidence that Hammie did the voice-over for the Korean version~ Now I'm curious as to what the K. version is like~~ Will have to do some research to find some things! ^o^/
  3. WAAAAAH, NICOLE DID GREAT. I finally got the chance to sit down and catch Cori's Lost performance at the VMAJ! Seeing her name pop up there, next to that MTV logo... Really, my heart swelled with pride just at that! And throughout the whole performance, really~ The choreo was flawless and done with the right amount of smooth, sultry charisma for the song imo, and her voice was so on-point! A part of me was hoping for a surprise male guest performance, hehe, but Nicole was rocking the stage all herself so it's okay! And I'm glad they stuck with the white hot pants; so sexy! The top was really nice as well, such an eye-catcher with all those decorations. Nicole did so good, I'm so proud of her omg ;o;/ <3 Ohmygosh the interview dfsfsdfs Nicole, you're so adorable! ;A; I love it when Cori speaks english~ She sounds so cute and girly and gaaaah, just love it! ^o^/ Thank you so much for sharing! <3
  4. More Gyulcole! ^o^/ Hopefully Gyul treated her to those cold noodles she wanted the other day in celebration, hehe~ I need to see the performance! I'm sure she did amazing though! ;o; Cori's always nervous but ends up doing great! I love how happy she looks! So youthful and pretty~~ Thank you so much for translating!
  5. I actually really love all of her hairstyles "^o^ LOL so I'll just rank them instead! #2 is my favorite (and the one I voted for), because I'm really into the whole simple, natural, yet elegant look that it gives her. Bangs & long hair on Nicole is also the ultimate combo on her for me afsdgsdfsf but honestly she pulls of a lot of looks very well! Followed by that one, I'd have to choose #5 (Nicole also looks really adorable with short hair, and the color was really, really nice!), then #1, 3, 4, then 6. ^o^/ It was actually surprisingly hard for me to choose LOL it's always difficult whenever I have to think about my 'favourite' parts of Cori because she's just so... SO PERFECT. LMAO ;A; BACK ON TOPIC. #2 is the one that I prefer the most~~ So pretty, I love it.
  6. I've recently just come back to the k-pop fangirl world after leaving for the last year and a half (I'm basically still stuck in 2011 K-pop LOL) and I've been catching up on the girls, and... Gosh, they sure grow up fast, don't they? ;o; Jiyoung is growing up to be such a lovely young lady! Still cute, but not the 'baby-like' cute that I remember from before ;o; She looks stunning! I love her outfit and hair in the second pic; it feels so summer-y, and definitely gives off a more sophisticated vibe. Thank you so much for sharing!
  7. That looks so goooood. *o* (Hasn't eaten breakfast yet LOL) Awwww, Gyulcole! <3 Always taking care of each other~ Nicole sounds so excited LOL her 'Oh yeah baby~' so cuteeee.
  8. LOL this is so cute! And definitely so KARA-like! So nice, always giving back to the fans <3 Hara's message LOL but they're all so adorable; brought a smile to my face. Thank you for sharing! Kamilia + KARA = ❤
  9. ^ There's no doubt that she's probably been super tired lately, due to all of their schedules and events and whatnot. It's a bit more apparent in that picture, I think. But I'm just happy that she still seems to be enjoying herself; from that sweet and bright smile that she has in all of her recent selcas, haha! I love her new haircut; she's always been gorgeous and able to pull off both short and long hair extremely well, imo <3 I also really like the little curls at the end rather than just leaving it straight down (it makes a simple hairstyle 'pop!' imo, and as people mentioned, it makes her look mature but with like a very fun and youthful vibe to it. It fits Nicole really well! <3 I'm not too big of a fan of the bleach blonde (I prefer the warmer/golden blonde from before), but I definitely don't hate it - it's just going to take a bit to get used to. The haircut looks really good on her though <333333 Nicole, you so pretty ;____;
  10. hello kh designer :) happy birthday!


    DO YOU HAS TWITTER? LOL. -rubs your butt-

  12. i miss you :c

    how are you doing

    how is life

    tell me everything! c:

  13. i miss you, loser ):

  14. @ firewater07 o: REALLY!? If she really did go to SHINee's concert then OMG. I will go into fangirl spazzing mode. XD Nicole's individual PV for Jumping. ;D