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  1. Has anyone notice that Ji Young's sKin is paler than the rest? even standing beside Hara, her skin is paler. I find that unique and really nice. IT really looks nice on her ^^
  2. I've notice on some perfs that Hara greeted Seung Ri from Bigbang, heard they went to the same performing school and then Hara greeted Sun Mi from WG while they were waiting for their turn to perform. They knew each other to JYP's audition. It's really interesting. I hope to see her in the news talking about them. or they're talking about her. Does she knows other celeb friends? ------------------------------------------------------ Seungri.(Big Bang) 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 WooYoung.(2PM) 1-2-3 SunMi.(Wonder Girls) 1 -2 SNSD Jessica 1 2 3 Tiffany 1 - 2 Yoona 1 Yuri 1 Sunny 1 SeoHyun&Jessica 1 Brown Eyed Girls Miryo&Jea 1 Jea. 1 Hyuna.(4Minute) 1 KiBum.(U-KISS) 1 Shindong.(Super Junior) 1 DooJoon(BEAST/B2ST) 1- 2 F(x) Amber 1 Sulli 1 Kim TaeWoo (g.o.d) 1 Solbi 1
  3. so what CF would you like Kara to Film? I know they did the lemon thing, and modelling for a cloth's line. but otherwise they haven't done much. I really would like to see them in a school uniform CF, commercial for food, clothes and many more. there's so much that they could do...!
  4. I never thought that maknae would have so many earrings. thought it looks good on her, choosing the right earrings.
  5. oh wow. great gifts she got . and how nice of kamillas(?) to send the staff and G7 some gifts too. how thoughful of them Hara is indeed popular, korean fans are beyond the great. I think she's happy that someone is also celebrating with her and remembering her bday btw remember to always credit your source.
  6. I miss SungHee's beautiful voice, the energy bar around Kara, lightning things up. The way she plays with Gyuri like she's Gyuri's daugther. it's really cute. Her dorky ways her bright and cheerful personality, I miss her
  7. lol it's funny how dorkie she is, I never thought that she was this dorky. I maybe thought it was her hyperness or so. but this is all over the top, she's getting glares from Gyuri unnie and yet she's taking it positive and keep having fun. she's cute though
  8. Album

    When I first saw the emergency dance, the first thought that hit me was that "that's similar to Hara's dance moves" like something that she would do. I wonder if it's she who invented that dance lol
  9. First it has to be the butt dance of course!! and then the break it dance wasnt that bad. and the last would be emergency dance. I like it, it's fresh and new and it looks like a dance hara would dance lol
  10. they are indeed more mature KARA. from what they have been mature to now. I see the most difference in Seung Yeon who got her hair chopped off, same for Nicole. LOL They have matured a lot, I can see from their make up and expressions. also their choreographies! it's amazing. and they're already making a trend with Emergency exit dance LOL that's the hightlight of the whole dance! I thought it was about time they moved to a bigger dorm . They would get the privilege they needed for a while back. It should've been like that from the beginning! Geez. I guess 2010 is KAra's year too.
  11. LMAO! That's a funny story, lol. the admin should have checked the IP though. but then again, if you type like that. I mean there would be fans pretending to be her, so yeah I guess the admin would feel awkward!
  12. I think with a cute face of Seung Yeon,s he fits better with long hair and more mature with it. with short hair I have no comment, maybe I will change my mind when there's comeback
  13. hmmm. it's a hard choice since they have mostly collaborate with the most artists. But BEAST would have been great to collab with
  14. oh wow, it feels like it's not been 1 year at all. time has sure gone fast. and the way karaholic started out, became the 1st source in kara's news. you must be proud and happy Happy 1st anniversary, KH ^^ keep on working hard and show them their love as you always do
  15. I've noticed that she looks really beautiful these days, she has grown up a lot for the past 10 months. her swan appearance is here (not that I'm saying that she wasnt that pretty before, she was just cute) she kinda glows now
  16. that's really great! finally Kara gets MTV show but a different one compared to the other. It's different but asian style of Paris Hilton's in search for my new BFF? OMG a TRip?!?!? So dead jealous here lol I wanna come too hehehe thanks for sharing
  17. lol I was going to post that! hehehe it proves that they know each other, but it doesn't mean that Hara was a JYP traineer (people still think so)
  18. yay congrats to them! they're the first girl group who gets to be MC on the show!!
  19. I suggest that DSP should do the the whole album instead of just minialbums, I would love to hear Hara nd JiYoung sing more
  20. WOA!!! congrats to Kara again! This time they were still shock that they won. It's a ddreeam come true that they won. I saw Hara and Ji Young still shock over it. and this time itwas Nicole who cried!!! awww... I also saw SNSD hugging Nicole, like Hyo Yeon, Tiffany, Sunny, Soo Young. they're so nice, congratulating each other. And no rivals between. I'm so happy for the girls!! Now other can't make excuse seeing them win. And then you know, even thought it's their first win and second after 2 years. This shows that they didnt give up and kept going. they didn't disband but got members change. That's what I love about Kara, how hardworking they are and how patience they could be for the day today This totally made my day! Thank you for translating
  21. omg congrats to them! I cried a river too, along with them when they won their first number one!! that's amazing!!! im still in tears!!! im so happy for them!
  22. that's a nice article! and cute how they all comment each other ^^ Liek people always say about the turtle and the bunny, you know the end of it. and Kara is reaching for the ladder, and through the end they would win ^^ that's kara for not giving up
  23. lol I would think that they were dating. they look so cute together and then I miss her long hair
  24. lol I just watched the one SGB with Nicole gets reactions and comments about the micky mouse hints that she gave people. she got attenion a lot , because think it's funny. but the poor thing is that she got a lot of calss where people wanted to teach her proper korean and that she would learn it better and stuff. poor nicole, she's doing her best and this is level with me as in level with a foreign. it's so nice how people on the show dont scold her
  25. LOL funny! It's really odd how Kara has been out for almost 2 years and now is where I know how her personality is^^ Leader Park is so cute! I see some more resembles of kara and wonder girls now, it makes me so happy ^^ hehe