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Brief History [ Kpop ]

Back to 2007. . .Oh! I still young that time~

Begins with when my 1st Korean Song "Why - Rain Bi" ost Full House

Follow by "Never Say Goodbye - Mario and Nesty" ost My Girl

That time...hmm...not really addicted to Korean Song...yet...

Me still addiction to local song or "Indonesian" songs =='

2009. . .Somewhere in February...the moment which changing my life [ eventually in the future later ]

During the History Presentation especially after my friends presents it...

They playing a MV...after I watch it...Kinda feel interested because They got some cool dance...

I ask my friend what "That MV"is...

He answered : Gee - SNSD So Nyeo Shi Dae Girls' Generation...Oh My Gee...haha...

After that Incident...haha...me always listen to that song and SNSD's MV...even save it on my Ipod Touch...haha...

One Day. . .My friend say to me that "U always listen to Gee...No other song u wanna hear?"[ something like that ]

He suggested me to hear the song KARA...

Thought its(KARA) the song title from SNSD

When reviewing back on YouTube...I just figured KARA is another group...my mistakes on that time... =='

After that...the bond between me and kpop becomes stronger...

Then my friends said to me another that I suggest me to watch Music Bank...

That's where my addiction to kpop starting...With another influence from my friends Accelerates my interests to kpop...

Even at school I learn Hangul Syllables from my friends...its kinda easy rather than chinese and japanese ones >.<

Besides that,I also kinda feel funny when my frens try to dance kpop after finished school hour...

From SNSD / Girl's Generation I always called for 1st time...To Kara as the beginner addicting to Brown eyed girls,after school,4minute,Super Junior,davichi,kim tae woo,t-ara,shinee,baek jiyoung,2pm,2NE1 and many more relates to 2009 debuter or less than 2009 debuter...

After the year 2009...I also called the year of kpop revolution beginning

I enter to another year 2010 also called Improvizing Phase where I need to get use to know updates more often and to become one of the most kpop fanatik fans...I need 1stly to listen some new kpop songs...

That year is where a wave or tsunami of Nobody by Wondergirls spreads into the whole world...even into my country Malaysia...

This may due to the radio station from United States which launches Nobody songs throughout the world...since Wondergirls promoting in States...

That year where I begin to promoting kpop into some place...so people can feel the addiction of kpop...

But unfortunately...its not happening as wat i aspected...not everyone likes it...

But Nobody songs...almost everyone likes it...Daebak!

After that...I become more like kpop fanatiks...i even buying kpop stuffs...

Oyah,about that...One day,I founded or accidentally founded...lol...a shop where they selling A LOTS OF kpop merchandise...WOW...thats where I buy kpop stuffs...but yet It's Expensive!!!