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  1. YAY to another endorsement by the girls <3 I wished it can be endorsed by all five of them AND THEY ARE COMING TO SINGAPORE!!! Can't wait! Thanks for sharing.
  2. This really made me respect our leader more~ she's such a nice junior and senior! thanks to soyeon for sharing this then we can see such a nice side of gyuri
  3. This news came faster than i expected but i'm really happy! Can't wait for the girls to start their full scale promotion in japan or korea!!! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Hope everything can be worked out soon! Definitely want to see the girls taking over the world soon <3 Thanks for sharing.
  5. That's really an achievement! Love both the mv. The girls look absolutely stunning. Must really thank the japanese fans for their great support:)
  6. That just proves Kara's amazing popularity in japan >.< You sure can do a lot of things with $10,000. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Solo song for our leader! Can't wait for the drama as well as the song to be release. All the best to the girls. They're gonna be so busy! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Whoa~ Our hara is great! Hope she finds school really fun! Thanks for sharing.
  9. CONGRATS TO THE GIRLS! Even without promotions, the girls are doing so well ^^ Hope to see them perform JCL on tv soon!!! Thanks for sharing the good news!
  10. Poor Gyul. Just because she isn't involve in the court case initially, she have to bear the name of 'loner'. I'm sure the girls get along with each other very well! I just feel sad for the fact that the girls are under a lot of pressure becuase of the attention. :/ Thank for sharing
  11. Why don't Hara want to continue to live in the dorm? Maybe she hopes that when her family members come visit her in Seoul, they will be able to stay together? Go Go independent Hara! I hope Kamilias won't stalk her and respect her privacy since no one will be protecting her then :/ Thanks for sharing the news.
  12. I'm both happy and sad ): I'm happy that Sunghee found someone who she can rely on but i'm sad because its almost impossible for her to make a comeback as a singer. But, finding a life partner is obviously important. Go Sunghee!
  13. I hope Jing, Cole and Ham would return to DSP. I'm sure DSP and thei girls are willing to sit down and talk through it nicely. For now, we all should just read all the articles and treat it as reference. I'd only believe in what the girls say. KARA & KAMILIA HWAITING!!!
  14. Thanks in advance for the ringtones Been looking for Kara's ringtone!
  15. Its so nice to see the girls getting acknowlege so much in japan! Looking forward to 2011 cause the girls are gonna SHINEEEE! Thanks for sharing.
  16. I'M SO FREAKING PROUD OF THE GIRLS & its not easy to overtake SNSD... we all know that! Our girls' effort are paying off! Thanks for sharing
  17. I'm so proud of the girls! All their albums are doing so well in Japan! Well done KARA girls! & not to forget the awesome jap Kamilias for making this happen! Thanks for sharing the good news
  18. Single

    They look absolutely stunning for the covers o.0 Can't wait for the release for the album! I gotta say, i like the one they're in white the most!
  19. Channel V, Thailand's first music channel recently posted their annual Asian TOP 50 Year End Chart for 2009 and K-pop dominated the charts. It seems SM Entertainment is really popular in Thailand as the chart is littered with their artists including Super Junior, SNSD / Girls' Generation, TVXQ / Tohoshinki, and SHINee. Thanks to myra for the tip and here's the full top 50 chart below. 1.Super Junior
  20. Cole's hair is so ... mature. HAHA. Jiyoungie!!! As usual, so cute. Yeah, where's Hara? Thanks for sharing
  21. I'll miss the original G7 that brought us so much laughters I hope Hara remains. I think its most probably Sunny & Yuri who will leave since Soshi is embarking on their overseas activities. Thanks for sharing
  22. Kara, one of the sexiest groups of girls out there on the K-Pop scene, apparently has a deceiver in their mist. Who? It's none other than leader Park Gyuri. Now, when you look at this idol talk, sing, and dance; what thoughts run through your head? Sexy, feisty, sizzling hot? These words are no strangers to us when it comes to the oh-so-fierce leader, but apparently her mother thinks otherwise. In an interview with the SBS E! channel, Gyuri's mother said, "Park Gyuri's real image is the exact opposite of her on-air image. She has a very quiet and calm personality; when she debuted, I was worried about what would happen." She continued on saying, "People ask if Gyuri acts in such a powerful way in her personal life as she does on-air, but the truth is that she's like any other simple daughter who's reserved, kind, humble and very corny." Could this be true? That begs the question: How many other idols are living double personalities? Uncover more secrets about the girls of Kara from our friends at Karaholic! Credits to : Allkpop
  23. The MBLAQ guys sure are lucky - first they got to hang out with T-ara, and now they get to chill with Kara on the girls' show Kara Bakery? I'm sure many males out there are uber jealous! On today's broadcast of Kara Bakery, a preview was revealed that featured MBLAQ, something that will definitely spark the attention from both the A+ and Kamilia fanbases. Decked in charming red Christmas attires, the Kara quintet emerges from a car and pays a visit to MBLAQ's dorm with cakes in tow. Check out the clip here: cr. abmshows Who's ready for some MBLAQ-Kara action? Thanks to allNice for the tip! Credits to : allkpop
  24. HAHA. Gyuri never fails to make us laugh. But if i were her, i'd be satisfied too. I love Goddess! Thanks for sharing :]
  25. I was so excited when i saw the picture. GyulBin ftw! Its nice to see them on stage and both groups doing so well