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  1. wake up this morning with this news. oh my, hammie. the symptoms looks serious. I wish she get treated well. and I wish she'll take care for her health more. she was faint and hospitalized too when KARA Step comeback but tried to go along schedule and back to studio afterward. glad that she's stay at hospital now. get well soon, my hammie
  2. just heard the news that MoA will be held in my country on Feb 2012. I really wish one of our girls booking was made for this event, but surely as Kamilia I wish they take care of their health. I've read Gyuri's tweet that she can't even say goodbye to her musical crew because she's already on her way to airport. very massive schedule there. KARA, Hwaiting!
  3. Gyuri must be really happy. It's one of her dream to become a professional actress. Hope there will be a drama with all KARA cast like UraKARA.
  4. Album

    I thought that the cover/jacket designs is not final yet, but looks like it is. Agree with most Kamilia here, it's not as good as previous jacket designs (especially that FONT. ommo... ). Too bad since they had great photos, I personally like version A (photo, not overall design). About the songs, eventhough JCL, IOA, GGS, GBA has been released before, but they were released in singles. I think that's okay to include them in this album. They were never released in one 'package' together. So, Winter Magic is actually their first single for this album, right? Then, they're already promoting this album. At first, it was odd how they left Korean album promo for a (Japan) single promo. Now I know
  5. I like that Boom is part of the show. He could cheer up and make a show more fun. Remember when he's hosting for KARA's season of Idol Army? Also, love Jiyoung's hair back to darker colour. Just like other international Kamilia, hope Sweet Melodix or somebody else would subs this show. I know, it will takes a lot of endurance.
  6. happy to be a small small small part of this success by purchasing "STEP". it took almost 2 weeks to arrive in Indonesia since my pre-order, even KARA already won MCD and MuBank, so I was happy to own this big album at the arrival. as for "Winter Magic", I have optimism since the song (characteristic) is really aimed for Japan market. waiting for next no 1 on Oricon. KARA hwaiting!
  7. I come visit GyuriDJ channel on Youtube regularly. Our friends from WithKARA has done great job archiving SSTP videos on that channel. That's where I became familiar with the show, and like many other international Kamilia, I'm lost in translation. But still, I can enjoy the show. My favorite is when Hara and Jiyoung became guest. While Hara and Jiyoung messing up in her back, Gyuri still focus on his broadcast materials. Sometimes she's doing it while comforts her dongsaeng too. A great unnie she is. From those videos, I can see how much she really love being a DJ, she love SSTP. The heartbreaking part of this news is that she's leaving with disappointment. Leaving something she love doing it. But as one chapter ends, the other chapter starts. She love acting, and 100 Pounds Beauty is her milestone. I wish her to have a long running career in acting. I wish her to fulfill her dream. And promotional schedules for "Winter Magic", gosh, it will be release like 20 days from now, but already my twitter timeline and inbox full with it's promotion. It just last week "STEP" did all kill, and new single is here (already listen it in YouTube). I feel like I don't have a chance to breath. I can imagine how much hectic our girls' schedules with that. It's like promoting two different releases at once. Yes, Gyuri left with no choice and it's a big sacrifice. But greater things wait ahead. It's a 'good luck', not a 'goodbye'.
  8. never failed to amaze me, my Hammie is. having hedgehogs as pet, catch a mice (in Kara Bakery), and now this. brave girl. but then again, that gesture after she jump is priceless, reason why I love hammie. brave and cute at the same time. what is funny, maybe, with all these braveness, she is a crybaby
  9. I agree. They have compensated with a lot of things, including their effort for this album. I've read the news that Hammie is fainted during today Inkigayo pre-recorded show, hurried to hospital, got short treatment and get back to the backstage for live performance. That alone is already too much compensation. Also, Date (My Boy) is always performed/paired with Step. It's my fave song of this album. I just think it's my "Dear Kamilia" now . Anyhow, I should be a more grateful Kamilia, though. It was just a small disappointment. Thanks for your enlightment
  10. missed MNet Countdown live streaming today. still at work. but massive tweets during the show keep me updated (#STEPwithKARA trending too). Congratulations, KARA! this is just the beginning, I believe! Proud being Kamilia. KARA hwaiting!
  11. I've just got dissapointed by their latest album. I was expecting "Dear Kamilia" to be a new special song as it's dedicated to us, but turned out it was just Korean translation of their Japan single (IOA). Ah, maybe I'm just expecting too much.
  12. still waiting for my STEP package delivered, but listened some preview on Naver. so far, Date (My Boy) is my favorite. love the piano part.
  13. of course I love Hammie, but to be fair... it is Gyuri who steal the spotlight of the cover. Her hair and her stunning pose, she is truly a goddess, Gyuri yeosin...
  14. oh my, where am I? heaven? I really love that side face view. Looks like it's not included in the STEP MV, just in teaser. Thanks that I found big size pic here And that COMING SOOON. Ah. I died of cuteness and went to heaven...
  15. they've already departed today, maybe they're arrived already? hope there will be some selcas in Paris post at their twitter soon.