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  1. Wow, DSP totally twisted Nicole's actions... The way they talked now makes it seem like they are not sure about anything... Could it be that they are trying to kick Nicole out? That would be extremely ridiculous and disgusting from DSP... If they have to work with people who treat them like that then maybe it's better if they get out of DSP altogether... DSP is being so dirty.
  2. What seems most complicated to me is why Nicole would leave... I mean, I understand that DSP could be treating her badly, but would it be enough reason to give up everything she achieved with KARA? I mean, sucess, fame, money, love, happiness, growth... I mean, if she leaves the industry now, it's gonna be kinda hard to come back later. And she's young, she could easily spend some more 3 or 4 years with KARA and then all of them could retire together... I don't know. It doesn't make sense to me. I can't understand. I love and respect Nicole a lot, but I wish she would say something to us, kamilia...
  3. Nooooooooooooooo. KARA will never be the same without Nicole. My guess is that Jiyoung will renew her contract next year, so I'm not that much worried about her. BUT NICOLE ALREADY SAID SHE WILL NOT RENEW. I MEAN, WHAT???? Seriously, what is happening??? I don't want Nicole to leave KARA, she is so special, each one of the members is crucial to the whole group, how can we pretend everything is okay without Nicole??
  4. Album

    the teasers are soooooooooo perfeeeccccttt omgg I CAN'T WAIT THEY LOOK AND SOUND SO PERFECT JESUS CHRIST
  5. Album

    all I have to say is JFDLKJG~FDLBMFÇLGM~ÇSDJFÇEOPIHJGLDKFN Runaway is amazing the concept pictures are amazing I don't understand what DSP is trying to tell us with this Princess thing but I love it too I LOVE KARA GOODBYE
  6. oh my GOOOD she's so gorgeousssssssssssssss a goddess indeed!! ♥
  7. I love her smile and cute faces! She looks so good in the clothes~~~ Go go Hammie ♥ Thanks for the pics and gifs!
  8. I think she will do well! Hammie is a decent actress, I liked her in URAKARA. I don't know if she will be great, but I'm sure she will do well enough. I hope she likes acting and doesn't get too tired because she'll be in the drama and probably promoting in Japan at the same time....
  9. I'm really happy to see her crying so much because I realize they are tears of happiness! Hammie worked so hard for KARA all these years and they had such a big reward. I'm happy they're so succesful now ♥
  10. new graphics uploaded:)

  11. Album

    ^ Aaaaaah! You're so lucky to be able to buy those!!! Congrats ;-;
  12. Album

    Sorry, but I really don't understand the reactions some of you guys are having. I think this album is good, as good as Girl's Talk and Super Girl. And to me, it doesn't sound like new at all. It sounds like more of the japanese formula DSP used for KARA all this time. To me it fits japanese KARA very well. Maybe it's just me, but it doesn't sound different at all. And that's why I don't understand the low sales. If it's more of KARA style, that people already like, why aren't people buying this album? It's a really weird situation.
  13. Single

    Seungyeon is stunning in the pictures ;-; omg please october 17th come already! i can't wait~
  14. I can not read it but she looks so pretty! She could be a Miss Idol, lol. I loved her hair style. It makes her look even cuter.
  15. Perfect! PANDORA performance was flawless as always but Mister was the best! I loved it so much! The girls are singing very well, absolutely perfect. It makes me so glad to see how much KARA evolved vocally. ♥