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  1. watching star date, did anyone notice? cause I just realize Nicole clueless expression at Seungyeon's fan definition of the 'yeon' part. It was short but I think she didn't get the word and she was asking Gyuri Lol isn't she cute Just want to point that part
  2. What I especially love from damaged lady mv was the starts where everyone was having a date and puts an expression. When its Nicole I think it's truly just her face lol ) no act in it. Just her real expression. Love it.
  3. I think the way the article was translated somehow give a picture of a rude situation when in fact from what I watch it doesn't! I feel so bad for them being called names like those haters are any much batter. Seriously this is frustrating. Beside she had tried her best to controlled herself, it's not easy to laug and smile if you're mad to the point of tearing up. Also despite its her decision to become idol and expect for her life to be share with the public its just normal after long tiring year she finally burn out and snapped.
  4. I kind of like the mushroom wig hehe looks unique and cute to me also maybe cause it wasn't in the whole length of the vid Cole is freekin cool in all of those outfits <333
  5. Wooow excellent body proportion & I really like the pony tail look
  6. Saw cole's pictures from dream concert immediately after watching her in WGM. I was like WOWww... she look totally different on and off stage & I always admire that part of her. Nicole JJANG!
  7. I really like the DJ for the Bayfm78. The way she expressed herself though at some part was very hype but it's really good. That way she can helps Nicole to relax more and at ease. Besides like firewater07 said, the topic is nice too. And Nicole is so cute struggling with her Japanese to explain the key part
  8. After watching all of them and Nicole's part twice I think I like Nicole's anime 2nd best after Seungyeon's. At some part her voice wasn't very clear other than that it's good. & I agree with redrsonance about her being so violence haha. Since it's anime exaggeration is acceptable
  9. Spazz

    Who's that guy? Her MC partner. Kinda look like an actor to me.
  10. Spazz

    Hahaha Gyuri was all I see in the video. She's too funny lol I love her expressions!
  11. I don't think there's much difference in her tho. Well slightly.... maturity & most likely her hair style, makeup and lost of weight. But then again I strongly think center parting hair style accentuates her facial features more. Example pictures above & 'Jumping' era. Thus for me it's center parting hair style after ages of Nicole with bangs and bun hair... Such flawlessness in beauty~ I could stare at this HQ picture of Nicole the whole day, she's simply too gorgeous here. Somehow the center-parting hairstyle works very well here, I wonder why. AGREEEE!
  12. I feel bad every time she tweeted this kind of thing She might be feeling down I guess. Hope she stays positive for whatever it is.
  13. I'm glad that she's resting. She need lots of it. Hope she'll get batter soon. p/s: how could she still look so pretty in there?! But it's heart breaking that she look weak at the same time. Get well soon Hara!
  14. Agreed! Nicole is like a baby!
  15. Yeah! FINALLLLY I think she never had a boyfriend is not really an issue hehehe example: Seohyun in YongSeo couple. I enjoy watching their development over time. And now Nicole the friendly butterfly, I think it would be interesting, we can see the more mature side of Cori now after years of not having her as the main focus in variety she's in.
  16. it's fun seeing these three girls hang out there together enjoying themselves. I love their laid back-ness, Now that I see this I really do think Nicole is clumsy but that's a part of her charm. How cute ~
  17. Aww Nicole look so girlish nowadays! Anyhow she looks VERRY pretty & I'm glad lately it has become more frequent that she was updating fans with selca.
  18. Less than a year? I'm not ready!!! Guys let's not think bout that yet nae...I know the day will come but *sobs* let's just enjoy for now.
  19. Owh, I'm not really into Nicole GDA opening dance perf but I think I am now I like it batter after watching Nicole dance to sexy love from the broadcast video. Everything looks so good in the video, her expression, her move, it's sexy.
  20. Haha Nicole was being ignored & prying for it's attention Pabo puppy kekeke why are you doing that? Guess it's doesn't know how lucky he is. You lucky dog
  21. totally agree! & for the gda I think those dance with a chair move maybe just not my cup of tea. I was hoping for her to sing that night. Anyway absolutely enjoy her MC-ing. I think it might be due to the whether changes from Korea-Malaysia-korea. It's HOT here in Malaysia. Esp after the rain, it's humid so the heat was just too much some times moreover they are not use to it.
  22. scorpion dance : It wasn't perfectly done but I'm glad she's willing to try different dance move for such a big event. I remember we were wondering what Cole would turn out to be for the GDA MC-ing, & now we know. the bubbly one. lol she really just become herself. That's why I love her so much. Beside I think this GDA was not that so stiff and formal, so it's fun also thanks to the MCs
  23. Oh so they gonna perform this two song together or one song for each of them? Anyway both songs are nice. Can't wait for Nicole performance
  24. Hmn...That's interesting, never see this coming. But I think it's gonna be awesome. beside I love their vocals the most in Kara.
  25. Hahaha is it Nicole I saw, reflected in the mirror? The one with the phone and sitting next to a mask girl who I believe is Jiyoung. she must have think that Hara look really cute there. But I think she's cuter for doing this lol