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  1. Currently I'm so into Nicole with midback long hair and in pony tail hair style. But, the picture below is my favorite of all. She smiles gorgeously!
  2. I think Cole will go with the elegant one. cause it's a more formal event. But I do hope to see the bubbly side of her there, it's gonna enlighten the mood a bit. If I'm not mistaken she used to mc with haha in hollywood bowl KMF isn't it? So I think she will be just fine. I mean great I'm looking forward to her Mc-ing and Kara performance more then the event itself.
  3. Huhuhu I really want to watch Cole's solo perf. The cheers from the audience seems epic! Nicoru
  4. Though she had been performing for lots and lots of times, she must be feeling nervous too for Tokyo dome Hope she get enough rest before D day.
  5. Thanks for sharing the video and the gif Kinda like she's the only one goofing around there. Liking Nicole is like liking 2 different persons. One her on stage persona and another one is her off stage. I love both.
  6. Totally agree! esp on the dance better than the other parts haha. Cause for me, aside from more powerful move I think Nicole give the best expression too I seriously love her on stage expression, you can see that she's really into it and worked it.
  7. Lol! yes a very interesting spot to put that indeed hahaha & I don't think it's her tattoo. I guess its just a compliment for the sexy concept.
  8. Aaaaaw I love sbs performance more than kbs. Nicole is daebak! All of the red dazzling girls dance are awesome but Idk is it because of I'm bias to Nicole or what, but I think Nicole dance the best hahaha. of course she is Another thing is pandora perf. I like it more than the kbs one it just that I preferred for RED KARA to be in the front line instead of the entire battalion of dancers blocking them.
  9. Spazz

    Gyuri was insanely beautiful during pandora sbs gayo daejun performance. seriously I mean it. her blonde hair and the striking red outfit really stands out the most. gyuri.gyuri.gyuri! goddess indeed
  10. Love Hara vs. Suzy so much! I love how the dance is not the too provocative type and not to mention she nailed! Hara sexy wave was awesome! As for the last part she enters the stage like a boss and her movement was sharp conclusion Hara wins
  11. Just watch kbs gayodaejun, so I kinda like the remix & then I saw Nicole smiles! Seriously Nicole can really alter her smile into anything that she want to look like! she can look fierce, sexy, alluring, casual and innocent just by smiling. I don't know how she does that and she was smiling seductively while singing and dancing , it's awesome! Not to mention her performance is so good too <33 sooo looking forward to more of the year ends perf with KARA in it of course.
  12. The K-food campaign movie...I love it so much! I thought I really like the selca part but then I really love the whole parts in the video! Nicole truly loves to laugh it makes me want to laugh too hehe I found it funny that she herself was a bit clueless at the pots site and it's amazing that she seem to enjoy things she does. Overall she's so lovely there promoting things and still look casually happy all the time.
  13. Nicole without make up look like a kid hehe & I'm happy that she had become more confident in showing her bare face. She's beautiful
  14. Glad that they sold out the tickets as many (non-kamilia) has doubt about this and to make it cooler, 30 minutes...How awesome was that? Wonder why I haven't found article reporting bout this yet & I'm so looking forward to Nicole solo performance for this tokyo dome stage. btw, that's good point esp #2&3. previously I thought it's gonna be the major promotional comeback.
  15. So all five of them gonna perform or it just three of them (like some said)? To have a comeback stage when their solos has been around for quite some time now idk...I don't really against it but I don't think it necessary either (Don't kill me) I think DSP better let the girls rest as I presume they must be really busy for few of the year end performances to come, GDA in jan and also the Tokyo Dome concert. Anyway I heard Tokyo Dome tickets sold out in 30 minutes??? is it true? If it does I'm utterly happy for them. DAEBAK!
  16. I never thought Nicole would want to be in mystique white cause based on stage presence aura she really belongs to the red team so much. but then guess she preferred to be seen as feminine, either way I don't mind. I believe she gonna pulled it off.
  17. Nicole is dark again. It's hard to decide she's beautiful with bright color like her previous blonde but she always look cool and also pretty with dark color so I guess I preferred Cole to be in dark color. So do her hair style. long or short it's a tough question now that I used to see her with long hair, I wish she will keep that long hair but then again I miss her short hair Can't decide. However the conclusion gonna be the same, she look pretty
  18. I'm fine with Nicole being rank last though it's disappointing cause it could lowered her self esteem but I think just because she was rank last doesn't mean those who choose/comment should latch hurtful comment on her. Just because she was rank last doesn't mean she need to get 'do surgery' kind of critique on her look. that was mean. she already rank herself no.5 in term of beauty so she shouldn't hear more of those to make her feel low. I think may be it's mind setting. If we were ask to rank we tend to bring down/find any bad quality of people chosen for the last place so this is one of those instances but still it doesn't have to be told in that way I read the translation on Star interview. I really admire Nicole. she had a strong determination and hardworking. I think hardworking people are awesome cause since I'm quite a lazy type of a person seeing other trying their best awes me. However I feel bad that Cole had to restrain herself so much like that. but then she choose to be doing that. And she had used to it so it probably not that so bad in her own perspective. as long as she's happy doing it and find her satisfaction I think it's fine. beside she is doing a healthy thing. Nicole JJANG!
  19. I love her and that dance. Standing at her place watching 'the first one what's her name?' dancing and smile I was like goshhh Cole is hot! and when she's dancing it exhilarating with her daebak expression as always. Come last after two provocative dance Cole simply look sassy!
  20. For the basketball part I think cole look the coolest out of all the girls, no hating...Seriously. Previously all of the girls play in that girly mode. Squealing and running after the other in a way people would expect how a girl idol would play but Cole bring it in differently she's so good hahaha not even a minute! I think her opponent why asking her why nicole choose her and I guess Nicole's said something like she don't want to play against her friend
  21. So far Nicole's habit that I notice - stick out her tongue - The way she clapped her hands - rubbing her nape - playing & twirling her hair - playing with her ears - spacing out (I love this the most) - sometime i think she like to repeat her action twice. The more uncomfortable, nervous, shy or excited she gets the more she moves
  22. SERIOUSLY SHE'S AWESOME Cole look totally cool here Nicole playing basketball
  23. I think Nicole has a habits of playing with her hair or rubbing her neck and now playing with her ears when she's talking My link At first I don't really used to see her that way but than I realize IT REALLY IS HER HABITS...The more anxious she gets the more rapid her hand moves hahaha p/S: fROM the link I was jubilant that she comes second Yeayyyyyy
  24. Spazz

    haha Gyuri was hilarious from the beginning of part 1 all the Kpop until the end of part 2 Couldn't wait for the sub she must be saying lots of witty things
  25. Spazz

    Mr. & Ms. Idol Seungyeon is totally cute and gullible Like a true definition of hamster hahahaha Seungyeon Kawaii & graceful overload there!