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  1. Jiyoung must be blessed. She has a very good body proportion, tall and slender.
  2. Hahaha jiyoung's guy change again now I'm into Jiyoung Hongbin (VIXX) mode. I'm so in love with the idea of them as couple after watching all the K-pop. But too bad there's no section for jiyoung to show her cuteness there, I bet Hongbin will go crazier if she do her daebak aegyo
  3. I think I love her look best in Jumping and Step. GORGEOUS. long hair really suit her
  4. oh some of my text missing. it's about Nicole birthday project.

  5. only receive up to mid sept and it's gonna take like half a month for delivery. So I ended up not sending it. but then I saw your post on sending postcard again. I feel bad for not doing so. I really do want to post them but I'm afraid It's not going to be on time.

  6. Thanks seungyeonlovers for Cole pic! She look so pretty there Pure look like what she tweet lol It's her own hair right? I don't think she's wearing an extension and seriously I love blonde/golden brown? Nicole.
  7. yep agreee!!! Omygodddd why is she so awesomeeee??? her smile when the perf. ended make she looks so different from when she's performing. Yeah I do think that Karasia has being big help in improving their live performances too. They are all have improving so much
  8. Nicole smiles is one of her best feature. Her smile always look genuine and lively
  9. Yesss that clip of Cole & jongsuk is totally cute and natural. I think they should put more of this instead of too much hugs
  10. No I don't. I know Kara exist as they are quite popular but truthfully I don't like them. Then I saw Hara defeated one of my fav girl in a game so dislike turn to hate (What a stupid reason to hate ) that I finally decided I should check them out, what so good bout Kara so I watch lupin. well its cat got my tongue kind of like feeling so I think they deserve the popularity (But now I think they are under ratted). I'm not hating them anymore but still not liking them either. Anyway from lupin Nicole got my attention and than out of the blue from one of Heroes episode I without reason fall for the clueless Nicole. When I watch the episode again I don't get how could I become her fan just because of that From nicole I started to get into Kara and fall in love with all of them. I don't hate Hara anymore esp when I realized that she's the nicest to her fans but sadly she has lots of haters (I wish some of the haters turn into fans like I did), Gyuri the wise full of confidence leader, Sungyeon also the wise onnie (I think Kara got number of smart peoples) , Jiyoung the cutest manknae among all other group and Nicole my forever bias in K-Pop. Every single one of them plays their own role perfectly and complete Kara. They keep on improving and care for their fans which make me stick with them and wish I will always be a kamilia.
  11. N-I-C-O-L-E I don't know why I just love her. The more I see her the more I fall for her.
  12. NICOLE! I would be able to communicate with her besides since she's a friendly kind of person she would make the situation less awkward. Playing laser tag or paint ball with this funky girl would be awesome esp with her competitive nature. Then taking some pictures together and eat hahahaha we can do other things like go to the theme park or anything she's comfortable with. I just want to hang out with Nicole
  13. PRECIOUS! PRECIOUS! PRECIOUS! Everything about them are precious. They are my precious
  14. I'm loving Nicole's and Seungyeon's car the most because I like 4WD kind of car & I think girls esp the petite one driving big car make them look fierce and cool.
  15. I love Kara idol army the best but too bad it's only 5 episode. than there's Urakara, so I love this two Kara show the most. I'm saying this by not including their solo appearance in variety.
  16. My favorite moment will be MTV world stage in Malaysia. The patient while waiting for them to perform just getting thinner as the time flies and when they finally surface from below the stage with STEP the excitement was too much. So I decided if they make a concert in Malaysia/Singapore I must come and get the closest to stage ticket. Seeing them live is totally a different experience. & If it wasn't because I've attending MTV for Kara I would say that Kara collection/solo is the best thing in 2012
  17. I have this friend of mine and she hate this **** girl group (not kara if she did I'll smack her head right away). Because she was bored she make a youtube account to bashed on this group well I know it was wrong but I did join her (Don't hate me, we didn't mention kara at all). So based on this experience now I know what's the definition of trolls (the one who gives the most ridiculous hurtful words)& how do they feel. You don't have to reply on their comment because in reality they had fun annoying people. They don't exactly dedicated it to the stated group but to the group stans to see their reaction. Thus now when I saw too ridiculous, picking fight type of comment I just leave it alone. However sometime I envied any stan who stand/defend for their bias. It might be waste of time for some people but for them it is their own way to show their love. Conclusion: Don't reply when it's not making sense kind of comment and reply when you think there's a need to. p/s : we only do that one time and didn't do that anymore.
  18. Nicole is my super duper bias in Kpop. I don't think we have lots in common but I'm happy to know that we shares the same blood type just kidding (but it's true ) uhmm maybe a bit boyish in style/personality and love for food. Her friendliness and cooking skill is a contradictory of me.
  19. I know I'm a Kamilia when: I never hook up into Kpop girl/boy groups more than 1-3 months but Kara has break the records, it's been more than a year now and doesn't seem to subside. I only join Karaholic. I've started writing fanfics(but not in karaholic) which I never did cause even in my school days I only wrote fact essay and not fictional. The only group I ever spend my money and time and think it as worth. I hate it when people badmouthing Kara. The gap of favoritism between KARA and my second fav group is so so so big. I'm interested in Nicole more than I do for Kpop Overall I may not achieve the die hard fan level but ever since I'm into KARA I've do few things that I thought I won't do for celebrity in order to support them.
  20. 1. Lupin 2. STEP/Pandora 3. Speed Up Even when I was still not a Kara fan I've got nothing to say but to admit that they are good after watching lupin. And now that Kara has become my #1 fav group Lupin still the song that I love the most from Kara. I couldn't decide between step and pandora cause both song are catchy.
  21. Nicole look so lively when she smiles. For me just a little curve up on her lips already make she look so pretty. And when she smiles along with her eyes my heart melt below the melting point IDK I really love that particular unforced joyful happy looking smile she smiles.
  22. She looks the same. The difference is she had grown up. Some people look so different from what they are when they are still kid so no biggie. But judging from online pic I don't think Cole look so much difference as a kind and as she is now. She just fixed her teeth which is sosososso commonly done by people. I don't considered it as PS.
  23. Bwahahahaha Coriii!!! She's adorable and always look happy and hype. Wonder what she's saying esp the lie detector part! I love this part the most when she scream from the sting hahaha cute!
  24. YepYepYep Nicole PV is AWEEEESOMEEEE I'm satisfied with all of her outfits it either KARA has change their stylist or their stylist has finally come to their sense. But thanks to them Nicole look GORGESSSS there's not a second that she didn't look pretty. I still wonder what the use of ft. Jinwoon when Cole can sing this song superbly well alone like she did in Karasia (not hating).
  25. Tho I don't really know this Jongsuk guy but I was actually relieved that it's not Jinwoon haha sory to JinCole fans . Since the title is lost & from the lyric I think the guy is just her past. I totally love the bar and get into the taxi part in her pv, it suit the solemn aura from the song title. BTW NICOLE IS STUNNING IN THIS PV!!!!! P/s: Yeayyy just another day to the release of her MV