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  1. Is it just me or Cole really almost fall at music bank kpop festival ? At the end of pandora Btw love the blue outfit but the camera man didn't take much of her
  2. I really love Nicole when she's on stage, people wouldn't know what she like off stage while she's on it. Anyway love both Nicole whether it on or off stage. Ok back on stage, I love how her performance was & will always full of energy, it's worth to be looking forward to. I have only saw KARA live performance once and I think it's worth all my time when they give their best while on stage. So I read mae's comment about someone said/probably joking for her to toned it down well for me she shouldn't. Pandora performance is DAEBAK! Hope to see the remix pandora performance soon & also improvisation of cole rap part dance.
  3. YOSHHHHHHHH Nicole in music core was just too awesome! Tho pandora supposed to be sexy I think Cole look both Sexy and cool~ Her wink & smirk was arghhhh I like her voice A LOT it's strong and very distinctive to me & also her rap of course and I certainly love this red outfit it makes them look so outstanding along with that awesome performance
  4. I'm among one of few peoples who did not fall for pandora instantly It takes me few more trial before I could like it. But then I saw them performed this song at the showcase & I'm happy that my excitement are back Isn't it amazing??? I never thought that the live version could be this so astounding, I think it's better than the MV i totally love the rap part it was awesome. & When Cole hair turned messy after all of her energetic move I was in dazed She's too hot to handle I agree with mae, yoyoyo kamilia -----> not much response was just
  5. Yesss Jing's hair is long here! & the colour totally love it She's stunning!
  6. SO SO SO SO GORGEOUS! AWWWWW Couldn't wait for pandora official release. When I watch Gyuri's teaser I couldn't help but to think that she is pandora in the pandora's box
  7. JAWDROPPED! NICOLE IS TOTALLY AMAZING I love this teaser of her more than her STEP teaser but than again...she's always awesome
  8. Yess agree! I love it more with her hair untied. Since Gyuri's teaser is quite similar with Jiyoung's I think Cole's teaser will be with dark aura like Hara does. Hope it is cause for me Cole is the most daebak with dark concept Sure she pull off other concept absolutely daebak too but I personally love the dark Cole more
  9. After Jiyoung's and Hara's teasers were out I'm counting days for Cole teaser to be release They were awesome so I hope COle will be awesome too but I bet she will And of course waiting for Pandora were killing me! Please hurry uppppp
  10. Since PS is a normal thing in Korea so it doesn't matter to me whether she did it or not. She was just doing a minor procedures beside I'll respect her more if she admit to it, cause why hide if you did it. So I'm fine with her nose plus she's already pretty to begin with. Unless it's a face reconstruction than it's something else which is not
  11. Well if Hara's busy her parents should at least come and visit her! After reading some of the comments it makes me wonder bout her parents too (after Nicole's dad). What are their relation like... I feel so sad when I saw she leave all alone in KARA channel. Hara FIGHTING!
  12. I think whenever she use fitted shirt it will gives the wow effect esp to us, kamilia. so it must not be shown too much hihihi beside loose shirt is much more comfortable to wear
  13. I'm sooooo into the idea of KANG JIYOUNG & EXO-M TAO nowadays They will be a gorgeous couple
  14. This kind of interaction shows that they are close love it esp when we know that they were just joking with each other or showing affectionate toward our beautiful giant manknae. But sometime I think Jiyoung is the bullies
  15. Owh yeah that so true. People who refuse to understand might think that she was snobbish because she's an idol and say bad thing behind her back Luckyli she's done with school Hope she will enjoy her college moment when she decided to further her study on one fine day Jingggg you're so cool for saying you hate school openly like that
  16. Though she has bigger frame than her unnies I really like it when she's playing or whine around KARA girls, she look so manknaeish that time, taking care of the giant baby . or when she's being pick up by them (in joking manner of course) Just so LOL
  17. Owwww I love Park Gyuri! She's awesome and whenever she was ask a question she never fail to answer it smoothly, smart, witty and honest. I really love it when Gyuri answers any question. one of the many reason why I love Kara is because they got sense when they answer question directed to them especially now that they had mature more & Gyuri's answers is always my favorite among them all . She and also Kara girls knows when to give confident but joking kind of answer and when to give humble replies. But whatever they said it's the truth and I love it be it arrogant or not
  18. I first know KARA through Hara cause at that time I don't really like her (p/s: not anymore) so I was looking for what is this KARA... but than first video of KARA that I saw was LUPIN and when I watch it I was like o_O they are pretty, cool and not bad....which letter I said they are the best thought I got hooked with kamilia because of Nicole but I still remember my very first impression on Gyuri, I thought she has the wow effect... she is soooo pretty! ALL KARA GIRLS ARE PRETTY and Gyuri is Gyutiful indeed
  19. Yup! Ought to agree She is TweeCole Cute~ Cuter than Tweety!
  20. I started to know and like nana because she's being friend with Nicole. Now Nana is one of my fav. But no worries you're always my #1 Nicori You're above Kpop for me
  21. I think Nicole can pull off any style! Cute, cool, gorgeous and SEXY is a definite. Her sexyness come not just from her body figure and clothes that she wore but also from her facial expression like the way she smirk, smile and gaze . Nicole got smexy spell on her anytime that she wants it . AWWWW NICOLE IS SO SOO SOOO AWESOME!!!
  22. ohmygoodness!!! Why on earth did I found this post just now??? Thanks for all if Cole gif. They are lovely, dork, awesome, cool, pretty, gorgeous, fabulous etc name it!
  23. I think now that Nicole has become more mature, Her views on thing, motto, philosopher etc has become much more meaningful, deeper, smart and based on her experienced (Well she's debut at pretty young age ). But than what make I love it more is that Nicole stays bubbly and happy like she always does even when her views has slightly mellow
  24. Oh Goodnesssss Nicole look extremely gorgeous, splendid and dazzling in love game :inluv: I only wait for her to appear.Love all of the caps! Her smirk and glared are just too sexy. She's really an all rounder. Nicole saranghae!!!
  25. Love her look, love THE WAY she Look and her smirk Daebakkkkkk It just diabolically gorgeous