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  1. I think I've mention bout this somewhere in Karaholic & I'm gonna say it again. The way Nicole looks at the camera & the way she smile/smirk, sometime just standing there... are drop dead gorgeous, sexy, charismatic, beautiful, diabolic, cool, bright&dark aura at the same time etc...etc... :inluv: :inluv: :inluv: :inluv:
  2. Nicole look cute with that hair but then she always has that sweetheart kind of look love it .I like it more with her straight or wavy long hair untie
  3. LOL I just saw the monkey episode recently and if I was to be in their shoes I well be stressful with the pig & monkey attitude they are ruining (exageration) their place & they can't take their eyes off from that animals even for a while. Nicole finally broke down on the monkey smell was hillllllariousss hahhahahaha esp at that time when she was still immature of her action
  4. I love it when Kara girls hug among themselves. It shows their intimacy and closeness.
  5. I really like it when Gyuri gives her comment. It's cool, true and smart. I always like her answer especially the witty one. she leaves me in awe repeating the video again and again to listen to her answer. it's Daebak!
  6. I think Gyuri's eyes give the prominence difference of feeling for speed up and girl's power. her eyes look very strong and powerful in Speed up yet very gentle in Girl's power. Gyuri JJang! Happy birthday Goddess
  7. If what they said are purely pointless then I'll just ignore them and laugh at their jealousy but if they said something false or something that can cause misunderstanding towards Kara I'll state my point and opinion regarding the issue. I really like it when some Kamilia comes with evident to re-battle those anti's accusation. They r Daebak for doing that
  8. I vote for Nicole as the member which possess the best body but I think Jiyoung have the best proportion of them all.
  9. BOTH CUTE & SEXY! Nicole is just naturally cute and she can be so sexy with effortless trial. Seriously with just a smirk she can be all sexy, cool, devilish & pretty
  10. DAEBAK! DAEBAK! Nicole is just freakin hot & Naturally Sexy. Abs, face, body, everything about her, I just happen to love it. Adore here a lot
  12. I really like Lupin, the song is Daebak and Nicole totally charmed me she looks utterly attractive and cool
  13. Yes I totally love Nicole's voice. She does has a very nice and distinctive tone. Her rap is soft and gentle, so I don't really look at her as a rapper Over all Nicole is the all rounder in Kara. She sings very well , she dance very good and she raps too . And yeah she definitely have the LOOKS
  14. Nicole had a very sweet face. No matter what she does she always look sweet and she can also give a very sexy looks real great.
  15. Hara's wink is definitely a hearthrob I personally like her wink in SIEP
  16. Her smiles in Speed up is just soooo badassly Sexy when other are furious. Power girl she look so eminence Can't take my eyes off her Like she had double personality. Nicole is definitely FABULOUS and COOL and NO.1 in my idol list. BTW Speed Up is so good (However not much of Cole). And both songs are Daebak Can't wait to see them dancing to the song.
  17. Nicole is so cute! Super cute & Adorable I just can't get enough of her and what's make it better is that...it is less of her in variety show. Hoooo I wish there's more of her
  18. Nicole you are always pretty and lively I like Nicole Seulong more than Nicole Jinwoon hehehe
  19. I'm glad to hear that our girls are making money. and so I hope they get their deserved portion of that and not just their company that gets ample of it. Other than Kara I don't really care bout halluyu
  20. I hope she didn't get scolded I think it's totally kawaii
  21. I'm so glad that I'm Kamilia. KARA SARAGHAE! The concert was daebak!!! I really hope that I can come to one of it. And hopefully their up coming concer will bring much much much more happiness and success to them. Ow I just really love you KARA Never thought that I'll stay with Kpop this long after I knew KARA Specifically Nicole
  22. Hahaha so cute~ she's shock and it's okay. she hasn't went to school for quite sometime and suddenly she has to face the advance biology, anatomy physiology, etc... on her first day. But at the end she still made it
  23. I'm older than her but I think she's a lot lot more mature than me and she's a very independent girl. Respect her and adore her.
  24. Before I don't like Nicole with long hair/girly style cause she would lose her cool aura with girly style. But lately after I've use to her long hair style I think she really look damn pretty and still manage to look cool
  25. Owhhhh how I love you Nicole. She's so adorable in HahaMong Show. 'I live comfortably' I like that line~ Her room was not that so messy. Jinwoon....not really into cole jinwoon. sorry