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  1. Yey Nicoleeee. I think she don't really endorse much? Anyway I'm so happy that Kappa choose her she's the best
  2. style2 and style5 she look like an innocent kid and not to mention pretty.
  3. Nicoleeeeee but she kinda loner in Heroes. I feel sad every time I watch her alone. But I like Lee Jin cause most of the time Nicole was with her
  4. I'm totally charmed by Nicole. though she's not goddess like but shes cool, pretty & attractive simply said she's the best for me.
  5. GODESS Gyuri really suite her damn well. her confidence is not just something, its something else!
  6. I vote for Junsu. But actually I would really like for Gyuri to be with Bigbang TOP. because her High class Goddess image seems to match well with Top (Devilish gorgeous Lucifer)
  7. Excluding girls from KARA. I really like the friendhip between Nicole and Seohyun, Nana and Min, Sangchu, Minho, Tiffany
  8. I don't hate Key but I don't like keycole together. If other choice is Jinwoo I also don't like the idea of them being together. Even there's a lot of issue/ their shipper I still can't picture them being together (for their shipper don't get mad). Same goes to Seung Ho. but they are very competent for character as her friend. for Kibum no comment. The idea of Nicole with kim soo hyun was not bad at all
  9. Please don't... though I really really like SNSD & also T-Ara. I always place myself as Kamilia. so KARA is my No.1. If they happen to leave DSP I hope the 5 of them will continue as a group regardless of which company they are under. If they went solo I don't think they can make it (sorry). cause there 's too many competition out there and overproduction of k-pop idol.
  10. I vote for Gyuri, her eyes kinda give smoldering looks and pancak pancaktoo. Its so pretty I oso like Nicole's eyes esp when she's smiling
  11. Sexy - Nicole (Though I think Nicole is not the sexy type, its just her concept may be esp during on stage & MV ahhhh IDK! but Nicole sure pull off the concept ) Cute - Nicole (She always look adorable & cute for me) Prettiest : Gyuri. Gyuri is soooo pretty (Hara & jiyoung can fit too)
  12. With her confidence and narcissistic but at the same time caring I would really like to see how does she looks like when she is in a relation. Also how her spouse going to cope with her and try to tame the Goddess. So WGM!
  13. ~Sigh~ I really hate this ! cause in my opinion Nicole (My ultimate bias) and Gyuri (2nd bias) seems to be so distant now. I rarely see their interaction. It seems like most of the time Nicole will be with either Jiyoung or Hara and sometimes Seungyeon but not Gyuri . Feel so sad, really want to see Nicole and Gyuri talking and fooling around even just a bit (not due to formality ), so that I know they are still good Am really really hopping that they are still the same behind camera. It is so tormenting to leave together in awkwardness for a long time, thus I don't want them to be like what I thought they are into.
  14. Though Nicole is my ultimate bias... but as for beauty I think Gyuri is indeed the Goddess of KARA. BEAUTY CONFIDENCE ELEGANT .
  15. I'm gonna vote for Jessica if its about blond hair. Aside from that all my votes goes to Gyuri (I dont hate jessica & I dont really like her either).
  16. Nicole though you can pull off both short and long hair but I just really really really miss u'r short hair . A very sweet & cheering voice Nicole
  17. I dont really know how & what it would be if seunghee is about to join kara again, cause what ever it is I will always have Nicole as my biased . BUT if with Seunghee rejoining the group means someone have to leave than I would prefer for her not to joint. Cause I like kara5 more than kara4. Though I have to admit her Vocal is splendid.
  18. Goshhhh I love Nicole She is so pretty I always feel that her face is quite unique and has a very Asian look. Her rap has improve and sound stronger. Nicole Janggg
  19. That would be great!!! I really like anime so it would be best if they can sing in one piece and naruto I will definitely won't skip the intro song
  20. I notice that nicole likes to wear hood.. owh hat too... it does suit her
  21. I wish international fan can join as well I want to join this official fan club so bad & would be batter if there's an English column for international fan to participate. but if its all in Korean , then being apart of it is good enough for me . I just want to join that club!
  22. Nicole always laugh very loudly, I guess her reaction is always big Love to see how she always so bright and responsive. Nicole is my ultimate biased
  23. Adorable... it can be her trademark I guess Wonder how she can clap that so fast
  24. Nicole has a very sweet and sexy smile its so attractive both of her lips and eyes smile
  25. Admire her a lot, veterinary science is not an easy subject to learn its require a strong science foundation and not to mention that it came so suddenly to her. Nicole's Jangggg for being able to preserver