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  1. I really like women/girls with cool aura and alluring (im straight)cuz its something that I always wanted to have but its not happening. so the very first time I saw Nicole was in Lupin in which she looks super duper cool, hot and alluring there, ever since that Nicole is my No.1 She always look so cool in MV that I never get tired of her from variety show I think, in reality shes not like that... shes so bright, naturally cute, fun and dorky hahaha She will always be my bias And one more thing is that I feel Nicole face is very Asian look and unique.
  2. Nicole is definitely the coolest! in lupin Like Nicole the most, shes so alluring
  3. It's all adorable, pretty, cute and chic. Aaaaa don't know why really like this girl, being mesmerizes by her from the start that I knew her. She is pretty inside out
  4. Nice spot Mole Nicole looks so sweet when she smile the mole is just in the right position and size
  5. I like lupin more cause the music is cool, the lyric is cool, dance choreography is cool, their dress is cool, those girs are extremely cool esp Nicole in total its a very cool song & chic as well .
  6. Nicole rap sound so gantle to me hahahaha. Lupin rap is my favourite she speak faster there and plus it's english... love to hear Nicole speak in english
  7. Nicole is so cool in this dance battle <3, so sexy as well but not extremely sexy which is good. Aaaaa she is very talented
  8. Hahahah Definitely Nicole for me Though in Nicole goes to collage she said that she doesn't really like acting.. but from what I saw she seems to be doing really well in that area. All of them act really good actually Gosh! they are very talented pretty people But still really3 like Nicole character it's bright like her true self, very natural and sooo Dorky
  9. May I know what is this red kitchen has to do with Nicole? is it cause of the autograph?
  10. Nicole must be in misery when she's on diet. huhuhu poor Nicole, but she got a very nice figure now... Wonder how her cook taste like? must be yummy since she got lots of talent
  11. I really loves Nicole the most but it seems there is nothing new on Nicole discussion page. please could someone post something new there
  12. Just dont get it why do they bother to come to any kara related pages just to bash them! if they feels like praising their fav idol and underestimating other why don't they just say it on their own fandom page, sure alot would be agree. for me when I saw anti bashing on kara I'll just let it be if they're just swear, cuz its utterly stupid but if there're miss conception regarding Kara or something that i feel like worth to explain than I will state my opinion to those anti. who knows they might think it over again and turn to be kara fan just as I do (I dislike kara before but never bash on them) Super love kara esp Nicole
  13. Wowwwwwww hahahahaha that just soooo coooool No wonder she can do the high jump in dream team (got 1st runner up)... i'm impressed
  14. Vote for cola cause its sound like Nicole... I would like to suggest ICOLE, sound nice to me hahaha that just my suggestion though...
  15. I think dedicated fans is a good thing (except when they started to bashed others), not everyone can do that, at least we know obviously that kara got loyal fans (am not saying the non dedicated fans is not loyal though). In order to support kara, of course buying their CD's and merchandise is necessary they have to make a living after all those hard work. plus by buying this goods, its not just supporting Kara the fan them self will be satisfied. So there is nothing wrong with buying loads of Kara goods as long as long the buyer can afford it. And for me Kara always appreciate kamilia, hard to explain but it shows, knowing their appreciatory is good enough.
  16. Gyuri and Jiyoung will be the best contestant but my vote goes to nicole I think she got a unique face, she can be cool, sexy and chic at the same time with those model type of make up...hemmmm she will be very gorgeous, as for high (doubt)....
  17. I am very Kamilia as compared to other groups that I like, Kara is the only group that got me to join their fan site. Am really really into Kara that I got surprised myself Never ever thought I would turn out this way for Kpop Specifically Kara/ Nicole Love em so much
  18. Nicole is just TOO cute and adorable here hahaha Daebakkk Kara's Girls is Soooo entertaining & Funny
  19. Hahahah Nicole is so cute and thoughtful Way to go Nicole! BTW Ryan Seacrest ssi Jangg
  20. Nicole????? seriously why owhhh this is upsetting But Kara girls are doing great tough
  21. I've changed my mind ... previously I said chansung but now i think Nicole match FT Island JongHun best. Recently I saw kara idol army with ft island episode again, I really love to see Nicole and jonghun jokes around though Nicole choose minhwan. Very pleasant to watch SO I want Nicole Jung & Choi JongHun Hahaha
  22. Nicoleeee for me Know Kara through Hara But Nicole allure me into Kara Nicole is my No.1 Idol
  23. I Noticed that Hara always got to wear pretty outfit. Its not because she wore em best but its truly because of that outfit is already nice. P/s : Its not that I hate hara, but I think all should wear the best outfit that suit them. And Nicole outfit always worries me cause shes my favorite, whats wrong with the stylist??? its verry depressing, is it a must for her to be sexy? even the dress is .... I know its Nicole concept to be sexy (though I don't think she is), but please give her a nicely design sexy outfit (I like her outfit in Lupin though )
  24. Yea I was once a hatter (more to dislike than hate). Member that I hate most is hara than Gyuri. At first I don't get it why Kara is famous Finally I saw Nicole . Shes the one responsible for turning me into Kamilia world B/c of Nicole I started to search for kara in variety show, then I saw how Kara members is close and care for each other. I really like it (I love to see a strong bond within a group) I also turn to love the image that each of this member portrayed (which they really are) Now of course Nicole is my No.1 No.2 goes to Gyuri No.3 : Hara,Jiyoung,Seungyeon
  25. This issue does affect me. I don't know why but it worries me and kept me thinking on how will this 5 girls responds to each other afterwards. And now, since the issue has resolved I kept on wondering how awkward it will be for them at first especially for nicole or gyuri, will their relation ever be the same again. The aftermath is what I care more Sure someday Kara will be leaving but I really hope it is not in this way.