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  1. This issue does affect me. I don't know why but it worries me and kept me thinking on how will this 5 girls responds to each other afterwards. And now, since the issue has resolved I kept on wondering how awkward it will be for them at first especially for nicole or gyuri, will their relation ever be the same again. The aftermath is what I care more Sure someday Kara will be leaving but I really hope it is not in this way.
  2. 2PM! they're cool & outgoing I rally want Nicole & Chansung Couple Coz I like both of them, wonder if that will ever happens
  3. First and Foremost I'm very sure its Nicole :lol. She got me in everything she does But than Gyuri also caught my attention with her confidence And thus its Nicole (my bias) and Gyuri
  4. All of em gotta very pretty and addictive smile But I vote for Nicole , She got a very sweet and alluring smile
  5. I am Nicole's Fan (Gyuri is my 2nd fav) but I gotta feeling that hara has the most fans out of Kara girls But whatever... Kara for live & Nicole Banzai
  6. I know kara exist through Hara but I don't have any impression towards her Then I saw Nicole on variety and I come to like her very much until this day After that I begin to like kara and all of other members but Nicole is my bias
  7. I like Nicole & ChanSung Better though. don't get mad They are idols that I really2 like
  8. I am totally into Nicole She always mentioned kamilia in her thanks to whenever their win, even from album before. Its worthwhile to be her fans and not to mention Kara as they appreciate us Kamilia Nicole is super duper Jangggg
  9. I realy like Nicole style (hair, dressing and many more)she is so energetic and lively very much like her so love Kara girls especially when they show their closeness
  10. I prefer to hear Nicole do both singing and rap p/s : the rap part in english Its very please to hear, suit her very well
  11. super duper like Nicole. Very cute in her own way, always entertaining and very please to watch
  12. Nicole is soooooo adorable Plus her voice is very nice. very happy to hear she sang the high part.
  13. Love the HOT look the best. For me it doesn't necessarily means sexy frankly I don't really like sexy image. NICOLE HOT = chic + cool + sexy aura
  14. Haha thats a very obvious habits of her And I noticed that she also like to repeat something twice . she always very entertaining
  15. I saw Nicole latest photo but I don't remember where. Her abs is gorgeous thats wut I called chocolate she must hav worked really hard to get it and it pays
  16. Hahahaha so happy to know that Nicole is close with Nana i think im going to like Nana as well since she is Nicole friend <3 Nicole very pretty as always
  17. This is my fav episode of FO. Nicole, Fany & Hyori. All are my fav.
  18. Likes her confidence very much! plus her answer always WOW me , its amazed me on how true it is and I never thought to reply in a way she does.
  19. I realy like Gyuri confidence others might not like what she says but its very entertaining. Arrogance and ice-y is just facade. Gyuri do cherish other especially her member thats what matter i think.
  20. I think Nicole is the only reason why I watch Heroes. Then I though this show is interesting. But then again I noticed it would be boring without her. so for me I only watch heroes when Nicole is present, nicole=heroes .
  21. before i thought nicole doesn't really care bout her fans as compared to hara, but now i changed my mind. what a relieved! i soooo like u nicole, nicole janggg
  22. Haha of course Nicole will look a bit different That what we call grown up, even I look different when I was in high school. Who cares... still gonna love her alot
  23. Nicole always look sexy and cool love it when she smile look so cool it seems like she is smiling with both her lips and eyes smirking
  24. Waaaaa really really love her. Nicole is extremely cool she got that sexy and cool aura but i don't like the red overalls though